RAW was founded in 2005 and based in Phoenix, Arizona. Since its inception RAW has served nothing but the highest quality rolling papers on the market. Their unique crisscross HBI watermark may help each individual roll burn more evenly, but it’s the company’s dedication to unbleached, unrefined, papers that sets them apart from the rest.

RAW Papers: RAW offers a wide variety of rolling papers, cones, and tips to fit your needs. Whether you sit back and burn slow with a RAW Organic Hemp Paper or kick it old school with a RAW Classic, you’ll know what sets them apart the moment you light up. That’s because RAW papers are 100% plant based with no added chalks or dyes to muddy the flavor.

RAW Rolling Trays: The rolling tray is quite possibly the most underrated calling card of a smoker in the know. But no two smokers roll the same, which is why RAW offers a large selection of rolling trays aimed at making your hands-on experience unique to your style. They supply everything from metal trays – like the RAW “Daze of the Week” tray – to wood, glass, and magnetic options.

RAW Storage: When duty calls, the dutiful smoker is ready. Don’t fumble around trying to remember where you put your papers or who might have pocketed your tips. Keep all of your accessories in one place with a RAW Classic Wood Box. Or make sure you’re equipped to smoke at the drop of a dime with RAW on the go storage. Keep your pre-rolls from getting crushed with a RAW Pre-Rawlet, drop the whole set up in the RAW Smoker’s Wallet, and never leave home without your gear again.

Generating a cult following of over 1 million users doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and a product that won’t go up in smoke unless it is meant to. When it comes to making a product that’s as smooth as it is dependable, the team behind RAW Natural Rolling Papers does not choke.

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