Dabber Dock Products: Review

Dabber Dock Products: Review

The dabbing community is always changing and innovating to make dabbing easier. If you’re tired of cleaning up reclaim messes or knocking your dab tool down and losing it, check out Dabber Dock accessories. Below we’ve outlined how these products work and what we love about them.

What is Dabber Dock? 

Dabber Dock is a new dabbing accessory brand that is making waves for its simplistic and exceptionally useful product line. The new company was founded earlier this year and their products have already found their way into dozens of headshops, smoke stores, and of course, online dabbing tool retailers. Their two premier products are the Dabber Dock and the Carb Crib. Both items are sturdy, silicon attachments that fit comfortably into any dabbing setup to help reduce the mess of dabbing and keep your tools handy and at arm’s reach.

Introducing the Dabber Dock and the Carb Crib 

Dabber Dock

Dabber Dock tool

The Dabber Dock can be purchased online at Yo Dabba Dabba.

The dabber dock is a new silicon product that can help reduce the messes associated with dabbing. It has a suction cup at the bottom for holding the dock in place on your table or dab mat and right now it comes in 4 colors. Checking in at 1.6” wide and 0.53” tall, this small accessory is a perfect way to hold your hot and sticky dab tool in place without dropping it on your table or dab mat. They’re the first product to hit the market like this and are outfitted with a slot to slide your dab tool in after you’re done applying your dab, protecting your furniture. However, they’re also great for keeping your dab tool in reach at all times without running the risk of knocking it over and making a mess.

Carb Crib

The carb crib is very similar to the dabber dock in both size and shape. However, the carb crib is for housing your hot and sticky carb cap instead of your dab tool. It checks in at 1.5” wide and 0.27” tall, making it a discreet and low-profile addition to your setup. It has a somewhat donut-like shape that allows it to hold most carb caps, whether you go with round ones or standard top-shaped carb caps. Its silicon design makes it easy to protect your dabbing surface and keep your station clean. The carb crib can be cleaned easily with a little isopropyl alcohol.

Dabber Dock Carb Cap holder

The Carb Crib can be purchased online at Yo Dabba Dabba.

What we love about Dabber Dock products 

Dabber Dock provides exceptionally affordable products that just make life easier. The biggest headache with dabbing in general is usually the mess. Leftover oils and resins are insanely difficult to clean off of tabletops, so the dabber dock is an excellent way to protect your furniture if you’re not using a dab mat. Even if you are using a dab mat, the dabber dock and the carb crib helps preserve those too. If you’re fond of the design on your dab mat and want to keep it looking nice, using a dabber dock and the carb crib can help protect it from the leftover oils on your dab tool or carb cap. More importantly though, Dabber Dock products are easy to clean. You just need some isopropyl alcohol and a wipe with a paper towel and it’s good to go.

While there are similar products out there, Dabber Dock products have a patented design that supports most dab tools and carb caps and holds them in place. It’s suction cup bottom holds it in place with a very firm grip, so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over and accidentally getting leftover dabs on your table. We also really love Dabber Dock for its affordability. At $4 a piece or three for $11, the dabber dock is one of the most affordable options that actually works. The same can be said for the carb crib at $4.50 a piece or three for $11.50.

Here’s an at-a-glance look at why we love dabber dock products:

  • Small, sturdy, silicon design that looks great with any setup
  • Suction cup sticks to most surfaces
  • Holds your dab tool or carb cap in place so you always know where to find it and never knock it over
  • Keeps your rig setup area much cleaner and less sticky
  • Easy to clean— simply rub with isopropyl alcohol and you’re good to go.
  • Low cost

Do we recommend the Dabber Dock and the Carb Crib? 

At the end of the day, we highly recommend the Dabber Dock and the Carb Crib. The design is so small and useful that it makes a great addition to any dab setup and makes clean-up a breeze. It also protects your tabletop or dab mat, so it’s definitely something we feel like every dabber should have on hand. Best of all, at their low price, they make great stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season.

Grab your Dabber Dock accesories at Yo Dabba Dabba

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