Doob Tubes Product Review

Doob Tubes Product Review

A “doob tube” used to refer to any common container that can hold a joint or a blunt. But now the leading innovators in herbal packaging have changed the meaning entirely — with the introduction of the real, the only, Doob Tube.

What are Doob Tubes?

The Doob Tube is the perfect container for storing your pre-rolled or half-smoked joints or blunts. The joint tubes are available in two sizes, and available in various colors and with a range of cool slogan stickers. In comparison to other similar joint containers on the market, Doob Tubes have an advanced design that provides additional odor control and discretion.

How Doob Tubes were conceived

Ray C created the first Doob Tube to fulfil a personal need — to carry pre-rolled medical marijuana and not smell of cannabis everywhere he went. Ray was once stopped by two San Francisco police officers who smelled Ray’s sticky green and refused to believe that he was legally using alternative medicine. This interaction then sparked Ray’s idea to create a medical marijuana container that could be labeled with its contents, like any other container on drugstore shelves. Years later that idea grew into the Doob Tube company and Ray’s health grew to be strong once again.

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Ray and his Doob Tubes first made a splash on the public scene in 2013, at a time when the legalization of marijuana was still on the Washington state ballot. They appeared on a list of companies in The Seattle Times, cited for selling what was then described as “Tupperware-like containers called ‘doob-tubes”, at the annual Hempfest gathering. It was even clear to the police that Doob Tubes are ideal containers for holding pre-rolled cannabis joints. Fast forward to 2020, and the Doob Tubes company has now sold over 6 million Doob Tubes, and counting.

Key features

Durable and lightweight

The Doob Tube is air-tight and moisture resistant, allowing you to keep your pre-rolls in pristine condition. These containers are extremely durable and lightweight, and are made of FDA-safe polycarbonate plastic. The regular-sized Doob Tube measures in at just over four inches long and half an inch wide. It fits your standard 1.25-inch rolling papers rolled with your favorite cannabis flower. The large Doob Tube is perfect for any serious toker out there. It is crafted to be five and a half inches long to fit any wrap, blunt, backwood, philly, dutch, bleezie, blizzunt or whatever you prefer to call it. And to make it even better, these air-tight joint holders are proudly made in the USA!

Odor-proof for complete discretion

The Doob Tube was designed to be odor-proof, so that you do not face the same issues the founder used to face when carrying concealed pre-rolls in public. Even the strongest scents are completely contained in these convenient tubes. So go ahead and pack your stickiest, stankiest bud with you wherever you go.

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One of the best parts of the Doob Tube is that you can completely customize and color-code your joints, blunts or cigarettes. The regular Doob Tube comes in various transparent and opaque colors, with a wide variety of colored lids to mix and match. The large Doob Tube size also features transparent colors and coordinated lids, with customizable labeling across all options.

You can customize the regular tube even further by adding a ‘Tobacco Taster’ one hitter. The Taster is an ultra-compact one hitter designed to fit neatly inside the regular Doob Tube. After taking a toke with the one hitter, you can slide it straight back inside the Doob Tube to keep the smell completely contained. The Tobacco Tasters come in both clear and colored glass, so that you can pair them perfectly with the right Doob Tube.

Should you buy this joint tube?

The Doob Tube is the ideal companion for anyone who loves a good adventure paired with the perfect pre-roll. It is small, compact, and even converts to a one-hitter if you don’t have time to roll up. The air-tight design keeps the Doob Tube odor-proof and completely discreet, wherever you go. They are durable and will keep your precious pre-rolls dry and inconspicuously concealed for years to come.

So, what’s the price of complete discretion when carrying cannabis in public? Just $1.75 per Doob Tube. At such an affordable price, why not grab a handful from your local head shop?

Do you use Doob Tubes? Let us know how you’ve creatively customized your Doob Tubes in the comment section below!

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