Flower Mill Weed Grinders: Review

Flower Mill Weed Grinders: Review

The Flower Mill weed grinder is one of the most unique products to hit the cannabis scene in recent years. Since its inception in 2020, Flower Mill has earned a cult following for its patented grinder which is probably the last grinder you’ll ever need to buy. Its unique design mills herb instead of grinding it, leaving behind an ultra-fluffy grind that is perfect for rolling and packing. In this Flower Mill Grinder review, we unpack everything you need to know.

How are Flower Mill grinders different? 

Flower Mill grinders are much different than conventional grinders with teeth. Unlike a normal grinder which shreds bud using pressure and mechanical teeth, Flower Mills mill your herb. You can throw an entire bud, stem and all, into the chamber, twist, and be done in seconds, which saves you time and prevents wasting your weed.  “Consistency, the evenness of the product” is one of the key benefits provided by milling over grinding, says Brent Stevens from Flower Mill. It creates a product that’s “lighter and fluffier”, burns more easily, and allows you to get the most out of your herb.

flower mill weed grinder

Flower Mill grinders are made with a special patented design using a rotor that applies the perfect amount of torque on the buds to separate the flowers from the stems naturally. “You don’t even have to pick off the stems,” says Brent. “You can place the whole bud in there and the stem will be left on top.” The final result is a crumbled and appropriately sized bud that lands through the grind screen. Some models even have kief collectors. Essentially, the milling process provides better results at exceptionally fast rates compared to regular grinders.

To use it, you just place a whole bud into the chamber and attach the magnetic lid to the top. From there you just twist a few times back and forth until your herb reaches the consistency you like. With its sturdy, robust design, the rotor has a tight tolerance to the screen and pushes the herb through. The design also makes it so that your herb doesn’t get caught in any teeth, so you’ll always get your full grind — complete and consistently.

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At the end of the day, Flower Mill treats weed way more gently and produces an end result that is perfect for both rolled products and ordinary packing.

3 Different Styles of Flower Mill Grinders 

While the features and benefits of Flower Mill grinders are clear, there are also a handful of different options to choose from fore various intents and purposes. 

Premium Flower Mill

The premium flower mill is the most spectacular of all of their models. As the biggest mill, it comes with a larger capacity and can be customized with an optional kief collector. However, the premium flower mill also comes with a rotor key and a few additional plates that give you more control over how coarse or fine you grind your herb. It’s easy to swap out the parts, making the premium a go to for the herb aficionado. 

Standard Flower Mill

The standard flower mill is ideal for general uses. Its small enough to fit into a bag, but it can also be modified to contain a 4th chamber for collecting kief. The standard flower mill can hold up to an entire 1/8th in one go. 

Mini Flower Mill

The mini is a great option to take on the go. Its small size fits discreetly in a bag or a pocket, though its design can still mill a full 2 grams of dried herbs at a time. The flower mill mini comes with a small 3-chamber structure, but unlike the others, it doesn’t have room for kief collector. 

Benefits of Flower Mill weed grinders 

When it comes to Flower Mill, there’s a lot to like. Here’s a brief breakdown of the things we love about Flower Mill grinders.

  1. High capacity — The Flower Mill grinder is the same size as a standard grinder, but it can hold so much more bud since it doesn’t contain 25-50 metal shears. You can fit about 2-3 large buds into a Flower Mill grinder with the magnetic lid closing easily. Through the milling process, you’re left with a beautiful, fluffy grind that is hard to come by with ordinary mechanical grinders.
  2. Easy to clean — Say goodbye to the frozen nickel technique and gummy, resinated shears! The Flower Mill is one of the easiest grinders out there to clean. It’s designed to keep important surfaces free of grime, and can withstand up to two months of daily use. Even with a ton of buildup, Flower Mills only take a few minutes to clean. All you have to do is use a toothbrush and isopropyl alcohol to clean the screen, and you’re ready to roll.
  3. Safer to use — Grinders come in all sorts of different materials, including titanium and even plastic, which can shed unwanted materials into your bud. But when it comes to milling, you want to use stainless steel. Flower Mills are made with food-grade stainless steel that don’t shed these metals into your herb. They also don’t have sharp teeth like ordinary grinders, which can be tiresome to clean and may even cut you by accident.
  4. One-time purchase — Flower Mills are on the pricier side, checking in between $70-$100. But that said, they come with a warranty and are built to last. Milling is easier on both your buds and on the device itself, so your purchase will last you years even with regular daily use and low maintenance.
  5. Lots of options and accessories  — Flower Mill offers several different interchangeable parts for your Flower Mill grinder. You can get sturdier rotors as well as different screens that can make your milled flowers larger or smaller to your liking. You can also find additional screens and rings for the device so you never really have to buy a new one. You can also pick up their standard or premium mills with either 3-chambers or 4-chambers, if you’d like to collect kief.

flower mill grinder review

Flower Mill Review 

All in all, the Flower Mill is easily one of the most impressive grinders we’ve ever worked with. The quality of the material post-mill is unparalleled by even the most popular grinders of today, including the Space Case. We love the interchangeable design that makes it easier and more eco-friendly to buy new pieces instead of scrapping your grinder entirely. Best of all, it’s so easy to use and can grind up more herb than regular grinders. We also love just how easy it is to clean and how long it takes to get grimy in the first place. At the end of the day, we highly recommend the Flower Mill. Once you try it, you’ll never go back to standard grinders.

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