G Pen Roam Vaporizer Review

G Pen Roam Vaporizer Review

G Pen offers a solid lineup of vaporizers that fits a variety of needs and materials. There is the G Pen Dash, Connect, Elite and Gio, all of which have set a high standard so far. Now, G Pen has introduced Roam, their first all-in-one portable vaporizer. It might appear to be a standard vaporizer on the outside, but inside there is a whole lot of innovation and power packed into a very portable device. Read on to learn more about how the Roam works and if it will fit your vaping style.

Is the G Pen Roam an e-rig or a vaporizer? 

G Pen Roam Review

When you first glance at the Roam by G Pen, it looks like an average portable vaporizer. And although you would be correct in assuming it is a portable vaporizer, it is anything but average. This incredibly portable device is more like an e-rig disguised as a handheld vaporizer. Enclosed in its sleek black casing, the Roam is packing a quartz tank and powerful 1,300mAh lithium-ion battery. The durable outer casing also encloses the leak-proof, self-contained borosilicate glass hydro tube, which the vapor is pulled through to provide extra smooth hits. Although it might make you justifiably nervous to load water into an electronic device, the Roam has an innovative design that makes it work perfectly. This device heats with the push of a button, similar to many other e-rigs. However, it is more discreet than any other e-rig on the market and easy to pass around a circle no matter where you are.

Is it powerful?

Now that we’ve established that the Roam by G Pen is indeed an e-rig, let’s see how it compares to other devices on the market. Like many other e-rigs, the Roam offers adjustable temperature settings and haptic feedback to let you know when it has heated up. It takes just a few seconds for the Roam to reach anywhere between 400 and 800 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can adjust the wide temperature range in increments of 25 degrees. You can also easily note what temperature it is set at already on the LED display, which also shows your battery level.

G Pen Roam – Tech Specs (Updated 08-12-20) from Grenco Science on Vimeo.

There is an auto cool-down feature that prevents the Roam from overheating, which will kick in and alert you with a hand symbol on the device’s display. The device will slowly bring itself back down in temperature to a range that is more functional. This feature is especially handy with the Max Mode that the Roam offers. In Max Mode, this e-rig will kick on to the highest temperature of 800 degrees Fahrenheit and alert you by showing “MAX” on the display. This mode is perfect for getting every last drop of a dab out of your session and for giving the device a quick self-clean after your session is over.

Is it portable and discreet?

With an incredible amount of attention to detail, G Pen made the Roam one of the most portable and discreet e-rigs on the market. The Roam is encased in an aluminum alloy shell that proves to be both lightweight and incredibly durable. This outer shell hides the quartz tank and glass water tube, which often defines the look of other e-rigs. The shell also offers these parts another layer of protection and therefore added portability. It also adds a layer of discrete disguise, masking this e-rig as a common handheld vaporizer. Only you will know that inside the outer shell there is a full e-rig waiting to vaporize any dab with the touch of a button.

A more unique feature among e-rigs is the Roam’s ability to be used while charging with a micro USB charging cable with passthrough technology. That means that you will never run out of power with the Roam, unless you don’t have a source of power nearby. Be sure to charge the device completely before your head out to roam the great outdoors and dab along the way.

As if this device is not portable or sturdy enough already, G Pen includes a hemp travel case with every Roam vaporizer. There is enough space in the case for multiple dab containers, the charging cable and G Pen dab tool. That means that you can pack everything you need and more to dab while on the go.

G Pen Roam E Rig Review

Here’s everything that fits inside the hemp travel case:

  • G Pen Roam Battery
  • Quartz Tank
  • Glass Tube
  • Roam Mouthpiece
  • G Pen Tool
  • Micro USB Charging Cable

Is it easy to use? 

The sleek and sturdy design of the Roam makes it incredibly portable, but that means nothing if the device is not easy to use on the go. Thankfully, G Pen matched this device’s portability with its usability. To use this e-rig, you will go through the same steps that other e-rigs require. First, fill the glass water tube to the specified water level and then press the power button five times to turn on the device. You can use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the Roam’s temperature to the perfect fit for the concentrates you are working with. You can also choose between automatic or manual heating modes, depending on your setting and how much control you want to have over your session. After loading up the quartz tank with a dab, you can either press and hold the temperature button to hold the device at temperature, or allow it to heat for 30 seconds and automatically cool off.

G Pen Roam Vape Review

The Roam is just as easy to clean as it is to use, despite its intricate design. All of the parts that connect to the air path of the device can be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. You can also use Max Mode to quickly clean out your bowl after each session, and burn off any sticky residue. By making this device easy to clean, G Pen also made it easy to maintain and keep in good shape for longer.

Do you need a Roam in your life? 

The Roam by G Pen is arguably the most discreet and portable e-rig available right now. The all-in-one design of the device makes it easy to transport without the risk of breaking it. And its portable vaporizer appearance makes it more discreet to use than the average e-rig that looks more like a traditional bong. The enclosed water filtration and long air path make for smooth vapor that is smooth and easy to inhale. The adjustable temperature range also makes sure that your dabs are not overheated to the point of being harsh. The Roam feels solid both in your hand and you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily thanks to the durable shell. The battery is powerful enough to pack a day’s worth of sessions, but a heavier vaper might have to use the passthrough charging feature to keep their sessions going strong. Overall, this is the most portable e-rig we’ve come across yet and is definitely worth exploring if you are someone who likes to roam the great outdoors.

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