Have a Fire 4/20 with These Four Easy Steps

Have a Fire 4/20 with These Four Easy Steps

Are you ready for our industry’s most profitable and most celebrated holiday?! Heady Pages is here to help, with four easy steps that will solidify your 4/20 success. You have two days. Get goin!

1. Practice Product Placement that Makes Sense
Sure, colorful, decorated shelves and cases are eye-catching, but no one likes feeling overwhelmed or as if they’re wasting time searching for a specific product or brand they know they want. The nic-nac style of 70s smoke shops are out, and consumers are now drawn to a more clean and contemporary, well-lit shop that displays their offerings in an organized and aesthetic way. When the holiday hits, your shop is sure to be more crowded than usual, so make sure your inventory doesn’t promote that same feeling. Take some time to make browsing easy by organizing products by brand and type and removing unnecessary clutter. As they say, get it right, get it tight.

2. Increase Foot Traffic with an In-Store Giveaway
Increase foot traffic by enticing customers to stop in your store and explore with a killer giveaway. Make your 4/20 Giveaway a significant one, because your competitors will! Consider building a sweet package of different brands and types of items that create a theme, like a Smoker’s Paradise Package that includes a water pipe and all its necessary smoking accessories, a shop t-shirt and some stickers, a lighter or torch, and some eye drops or candy. Promote the giveaway on your social media channels and invite consumers to stop in and sign up for the giveaway in-store.

3. Staff Your All-Stars
Some potential customers might be visiting your shop for the first time this weekend (maybe because they saw your fire giveaway and came in to enter). First impressions are everything when it comes to securing return customers, and a huge part of that first impression is the person behind the counter. It’s true, your biggest asset is your staff!  But, is your staff up to par? Hopefully, you have your most informed, helpful, and personable team members ready to rock for this weekend because chances are, there will be more faces, questions, and purchases going on than usual. If you don’t feel completely comfortable, you could man the store as an extra hand on deck to smile and answer questions and stuff.

4. Stock Up on Inventory that Sells
Are you in with that new-new? Do you know what the ‘crazy kids’ are up to these days? Are you hip wid it?! Jokes aside, if your inventory isn’t hot you ain’t got shit. The industry is always evolving, and fast! So, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the latest and greatest products that technology has to offer smokers, and it’s changing fast. Get with it and get stocked up on the latest dabbing accessories, the most recent water pipe trends, vape stuff, you know… the heady stuff. If you’re lost, visit our Brands page. Here, we offer the low-down on all the top shelf stuff you can offer. It will sell.

About Rachel Howe

Rachel is our product review specialist. She has more than eight years experience working in smoke shops, analyzing the market and finding the most cutting-edge products.