Illadelph’s Custom Glass Pieces For Winter 2019

Illadelph’s Custom Glass Pieces For Winter 2019

If you haven’t heard of Illadelph before, it’s because they’re very picky about where they put their glass. The company burst onto the scene way back in 2002, even though legal weed in Pennsylvania was merely a far-off dream at the time. The company is true to its Philadelphia roots, however, which is also where it gets the name, Illadelph Glass. You can find Illadelph’s work in select stores, however, but you’ll want to look up online to see if they’re a registered dealer. Why? The company’s glass work is so good it is often imitated, leaving counterfeit operators an opening to sell cheap glass with inferior packaging while claiming the quality is up to par. But it isn’t. Illadelph has an entire section of its website dedicated to naming and shaming counterfeits, and encourages consumers to scan the QR code on its products before purchasing to ensure they’re only getting the best. Make no mistake, Illadelph makes some of the best glass around, using borosilicate glass to produce high-end pipes and more that look great, work great, and last just about forever (with proper care, of course).

illadelph glass pipe

Alien Hieroglyphics Dichro UV Collins Coil

Some of the more intricate works Illadelph has been making lately involve clever use of UV-reactive hues in glass. Take a look at this Alien Hieroglyphic Dichro Collins Coil, or this Fetus UV Coil. Both look fantastic in normal light, but under UV they practically come alive, with the fetus showing a different color and the coils practically sparkling they glow so much. These are perfect for getting together, putting on the UV lights, and having a pretty great chill session with friends. Not to mention they provide a clean, clear smoke that will reduce harshness and improve pulls thanks to the interior coiling, which cools the smoke before it gets to your lungs.

illadelph glass water pipe

Fetus UV Coil

As you can see from Illadelph’s website there’s some gorgeous, artistic, hand-blown pieces available. Another recent item is the Blue Stardust, which features an interior chamber with a gorgeous iridescent marking, making it seem like it’s truly from outer space. While the overall construction seems simple, little features abound, like a stem with a ring under the slide so you can easily remove it, even while burning. The tall water pipe is well-balanced and would look just as good on a coffee table as it would in a museum gallery.

illadelph glass pipe

Hieroglyphic UV Collins Beaker

Another beauty is the Hieroglyphic UV Collins beaker, which features an interior “beaker” shaped reservoir like the Blue Stardust. But this one is also UV-reactive, with a tall chamber for large pulls and a great slide with hieroglyphs rounding out the ancient look.

illadelph glass pipe

Blue Stardust Space Collins

Of course, these are but a few of the high-end glass works from Illadelph, but a trip to their website will show you plenty more in all ranges of prices and forms. There’s even bumper guards for the glass, mats to set the pipes down on, and merch to show your brand loyalty. What separates Illadelph from the competition is the quality of the glass and glassblowing, producing ultra-clear water pipes and more with innovative and interesting designs. If you’re looking for the best, that’s what Illadelph does every day.

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