Kasher: The Sleek, Mulitpurpose Lighter Holder

Kasher: The Sleek, Mulitpurpose Lighter Holder

The Kasher is a sleek and unique tool designed for every kind of cannabis consumer. This durable, patented lighter accessory transforms your lighter into a multifunctional tool that saves you time and frustration. You’ll be the hero of any session with a Kasher on your lighter.

What is a Kasher?

The Kasher was first created in Portland, Oregon in 2009 by Andrew Sweeney. The idea for this unique toker’s tool was born and developed during Andrew’s college years at the University of Idaho. Today, Kashers are sold in all 50 states, Canada and Australia. With almost 1 million Kashers sold, the product speaks for itself. But that won’t stop us from going on to tell you the numerous ways this tool can be used.

Kasher lighter tool

The Kasher stays attached to your most precious smoking possession; your lighter.  It’s designed to slip onto a classic BIC, Mini BIC, or Clipper lighter and made of sturdy metal that won’t bend or break. It fits tight so that it won’t snag in your pocket or purse, yet loose enough to slide into position with one hand. When you want to use the Kasher, all you have to do is slide it down the lighter to extend it into its operational position. When you’re done, slide it right back up for safe storing. No matter what style of smoking you prefer, the Kasher covers multiple functions so you are well-equipped for any smoke sesh.  Once you have a Kasher you’ll never want to be caught in a session without one again.

Joint poker

If you prefer to roll cannabis instead of pack it, the Kasher is guaranteed to be your new favorite tool. Simply pull your Kasher down to extend the tip and pack the ends of your joint, blunt, or backwood. Then pop the Kasher back into place before flipping it over to light your preroll, all in one fell swoop. You’ll never have another loose tip in your joints again.

Dabbing device

If you prefer cannabis concentrates in the form of shatter, snap-n-pull, live resin, sugar or sauce, then the Kasher has your back as well. By pulling the Kasher down into the operational position, it turns into the perfect dab tool to load up for a sesh. Its curved edges allow you to gather a precise micro-dose or pile oil on for an impressive hit. It’s also easy to clean between hits with a little bit of elbow grease and rubbing alcohol.

kasher lighter holder

Bowl capping and tapping

If you’re a dedicated glass smoker, it is time to ditch those dirty, old paper clips for a Kasher instead. This tool is the perfect bowl-capping, tapping and scraping device. It can also be used to clean various smoking and nonsmoking devices in a pinch. There’s an old stoner’s trick to pack your bowl down as you smoke with the end of a lighter. However, this technique also leaves sticky resin on the end of your lighter and melted plastic particles in your bowl. The Kasher is the perfect alternative method. You can cap a bowl with the flat side of the Kasher, or extend it to pack down or clear a cached bowl.

Multipurpose tool

The Kasher gets even cooler when you realize how many other random tasks it can help with. You can also use it as a cigar punch or to poke holes in a variety of materials. Or you can cut your beeswax line or hemp twine with it to light a bowl. Instead of carrying around a multi-tool or pocket knife, use the Kasher as a box cutter or screwdriver in a pinch. Trust us, the next time you have a package delivered, you’ll be thankful that you have a Kasher in your pocket to rip it open immediately.

Kasher review

Customize your Kasher

The Kasher is a smoker’s accessory where function also meets artful design. It is sleek and made of stainless steel or titanium metals. You can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes to match your mood or personal style. You can also have your cannabusiness or brand stand out with a custom Kasher collaboration! Kasher has collaborated with some of the most popular names in cannabis, including Cannabis Now, Angela Mazzanti, and Cheech & Chong. In case of extra spacey moments, they also created a necklace to go with your Kasher — guaranteeing that it will never be too far out of reach.

Kasher’s were “created to solve basic, but unsolved tasks” — and that list of solutions only continues to grow. What uses have you found for your Kasher that we didn’t mention? Add them to the comments section below!

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