The Path Pipe: Product Review

The Path Pipe: Product Review

Smoke Honest creates modern smoking accessories that you will honestly want to use. Their products are held to a higher standard, pun always intended. The Path Pipe is no exception to this rule

The creators of The Path Pipe are from San Clemente, California, and cater to those who live an adventurous lifestyle. They believe in not hiding what you use to smoke, and create products you will be proud to show off. The Path Pipe proves to be smooth, reliable, discreet, portable and completely coughless. Coughless, you say? But how is that even possible?? The unique design of this pipe incorporates a winding smoke path, which cools the smoke before you inhale.

Path Pipe Product Review

The Path Pipe is built with an innovative smoke-cooling design.

The Highlights 

  • Cools and filters your smoke
  • Stainless steel, built-in poker
  • Portable size
  • Discreet design
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Sliding cover to pack bowls on-the-go

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Take it wherever your path may lead 

The Smoke Honest team thought of everything any on-the-go-smoker will need and incorporated it into The Path Pipe. The pipe is made from aircraft-grade aluminum with a tough and durable anodized finish, making it virtually indestructible. And if you don’t believe that, they back it with a lifetime warranty. There is an easy-to-use carb and built-in poker that allows you to keep your bowl clean in between uses. The sliding cover also allows you to pack a bowl before leaving home, and be ready to smoke on the go. The cover helps control some of that post-smoking odor, although it is not completely smell-proof according to some online reviews.

You can snag a Path Pipe for $75 in silver or black, but be aware that the silver version may show more wear and dirt with time and use. The pipe weighs in at a total of three ounces and is just five inches long, making it easy to fit in your pocket. It also offers you a cleaner way to smoke, with its intelligent design eliminating any scooby snacks from getting into your lungs.

What’s our honest opinion?

The Path Pipe is perfect for those looking for a piece they can conveniently, discreetly use in an active lifestyle. This piece is extremely practical and intelligently designed. Although it provides ultra-smooth hits every time, it can be a little awkward to hit at first. The bowl holds about three to four good hits, allowing you to pack the perfect pick-me-up for your day on the go. Fair warning, the compact pipe can get dirty with regular use and will need to be cleaned fairly often. However, it is the perfect adventure buddy that you can take with you almost anywhere. We feel it is the perfect addition to your heady piece collection, and an ideal addition to your hiking or camping supplies. 

Where has your Path Pipe led you? Share your favorite smoking adventure with us in the comments section below! 

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