Puffco Proxy Review

Puffco Proxy Review

Meet Puffco’s latest and greatest e-rig technology: the Puffco Proxy. Below we’re outlining everything you need to know about it and why we think you’ll love it in our latest Puffco Proxy product review.

What is the Puffco Proxy? 

The Puffco Proxy is Puffco’s first truly modular and portable vaporizer that can be modified to suit your tastes and styles. It comes from the geniuses at Puffco who are responsible for an incredibly innovative line of e-rig technology including their original Puffco Peak. The Proxy is more like a bowl, so it features an elegant glass pipe that attaches to a portable, removable base. You can use the base with all sorts of different Puffco accessories as well as specialized heady glass designed by artists. It features their 3D chamber, which makes for a 360 atomizer that offers four precise temperature settings to accommodate whatever it is you might be dabbing.

puffco proxy review

Puffco Proxy Review

More importantly, the convenient carrying case box comes with everything you need, minus your hash. Inside you’ll find the Proxy itself along with a charging cable, cotton cleaning swabs, a dab tool, a tether and carb cap, the 3D chamber, and the warranty information. The device truly brings a one of a kind and ergonomic experience with boost mode, intuitive function, and a familiar, pipe-like form.

Key Features 

Puffco’s Proxy is jam packed with powerful specs and fantastic features. But the biggest, most exciting aspect of it is its unchained portability. If you’re like a lot of people, there’s a good chance you take your Peak everywhere you go anyway. But it can be a little clunky to take from place to place. Luckily the Puffco Proxy is much smaller, and it comes with a travel case included. The case also has a ton of extra room for other things you might want to throw in there— y’know, like your hash.

It’s also super easy to use. You just drop your concentrates into the chamber, choose your heat setting, and double tap the button to heat it up. Then when it buzzes after about 30 seconds, you can hit it. The Proxy also comes with boost mode, also known as sesh mode, which allows you to keep it warm enough for multiple or very large hits throughout the duration of your session.

proxy vape review

Puffco Proxy Review

Plus, it’s easy to clean. Just use a cotton swab and iso to clean up the chamber after each dab to keep it tasting great. You can also hit the gold contact points with a little alcohol to prevent it from getting gunked up. For tough messes, you can soak the entire chamber without disassembly in rubbing alcohol.

But aside from normal stuff, lets dig into the meat and potatoes of that 3D chamber. The 3D chamber was released as a sort of aftermarket piece you could throw into your Puffco Peak Pro, and its caught fire for people who love the convenience of e-rigs for its efficient and consistent heating tech. Puffco’s 3D chamber is embedded with heat tracers inside the glazed ceramic bowl itself, which allows your concentrates to vaporize on the side walls of the bowl instead of just at the bottom. It makes for smoother, more flavorful hits and also for more accurate temperature readings. More importantly, it heats up just as fast as the old model without sacrificing any battery life.

Speaking of which, using the USB-C charging cable will have your Proxy ready to go in under an hour and a half. You can usually get 15-20 heat up cycles out of it before you’ll need to charge it again, which is impressive when you consider the size of the base and the device itself. It even comes with an auto-sleep function to help preserve battery life.

puffco proxy

Puffco Proxy Review

Last but not least, the Proxy is incredibly customizable. Puffco itself offers a few different designs you can choose from, but you can also get really custom by opting for artist-designed glass that can hold the Proxy base. They’re also set to begin offering glass for the Proxy that will turn the device into a water pipe, and will soon offer a bowl attachment so you can vaporize flower instead of just concentrates. All in all, it has a lot of really amazing things going for it, which is pretty standard from the heads at Puffco at this point.

Puffco Proxy Review 

Features aside, everything has a few pros and cons. We love the fact that the Proxy is designed to function more like a pipe, so it’s easier to gauge the size of the hit you want to take. Since you’re taking smaller hits, you’re also getting smoother ones. The device doesn’t rip as hard as the Peak Pro, but it doesn’t make you cough as much either. It feels like a more accessible device for dabbing newbies, which is something that the space has been severely lacking in if you want an e-rig and not a vape pen. We also love that it disassembles for easy traveling and comes with a travel case from the get-go.

At the end of the day, it’s a great device with a familiar design that doesn’t roast your throat like you’d imagine a waterless dab rig would. Between its portability and customization options and its lower price of $300, it comes highly recommended for good reason.

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