Terp Slurper Set Review

Terp Slurper Set Review

Dab tech is constantly evolving and becoming more accessible, which is something we feel like needs to be celebrated. This week we had the opportunity to check out Yo Dabba Dabba’s new Terp Slurper Set, and we’ve got nothing but good things to say about it. Here’s everything you need to know.

What is a terp slurper anyway?

Before we get into the terp slurper review, we’ll outline what a terp slurper actually is. A couple months back, the terp slurp design hit the industry pretty hard. It was one of those things that very few people were able to get their hands on, though the hype was unreal all the same. Terp Slurps are a different kind of quartz banger meant to be used with a dab rig. They heat up more evenly and distribute that heat more effectively, making it possible to fully vaporize your concentrates with minimal leftover residue at the end of your sesh. They’re different from standard bangers since the design allows the concentrate to be pulled applied outside of the banger and pulled inside, which gives it more airflow and heat distribution. But all that said, people love them because they’re less wasteful and promote better flavors than standard quartz bangers alone.

Seamless Terp Slurper Set

Seamless Terp Slurper Set from Yo Dabba Dabba

What’s in the box? 

Yo Dabba Dabba’s Terp Slurper Set comes with everything you need to use a terp slurp nail to its full potential. The kit contains a seamless terp slurp nail, a dichro carb cap, a 14mm valve, and ruby pill. Each item is extremely high quality and boxed in one convenient package that’ll only run you $100. There are lots of terp slurps out there, but practically no kits like this one. When you add it all together, typically the nails alone run $100, and you’re looking at at least $100 for the valve, carb cap, and ruby terp pearl. It’s an incredible value, and great for first timers to the terp slurp experience.

The terp slurper itself is made with thick, high-quality quartz and features a fully worked, no-weld design that makes applying your concentrates safe and easy. The carb cap and valve are both made with dichoic glass, which is one of the most expensive types out there. It was originally created for the aerospace industry, and is made using quartz crystal and metal oxides blasted into the glass. That means durability, as well as an eye-catching design. Best of all, it comes with a lab-grown ruby pill. Like terp pearls, ruby pills are used to help move heat and concentrates more effectively inside the terp slurper for better hits and flavors.

Why we love the Terp Slurper Set by Yo Dabba Dabba 

There’s a lot to love about the Terp Slurper Set from Yo Dabba Dabba. Not only does the kit come with everything you need to maximize your experience with a terp slurp nail, it’s all extremely high quality and beautifully designed. The thing looks great on any rig, and gives the whole setup a more high-tech appearance. The design is exceptionally durable but not too intricate, so it isn’t a nightmare to clean like some of the other slurpers we’ve seen. But more importantly, you really can’t beat that price. All things considered, it’s an excellent product at an excellent price, and well worth the investment.

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