The Stashtray by Myster: Product Review

The Stashtray by Myster: Product Review

Myster High-End is here to dispel all the stereotypes of a grungy stoner. They create classy, durable and innovative smoking accessories that will elevate any cannabis enthusiast’s setup. Each piece does the job it was created for exceptionally and they fit seamlessly together to make the Stashtray Bundle. It is the first and last rolling tray, storage container, grinder, ashtray, and stash box you will ever need. This stuff is made to last a lifetime and has a unique feature that will make sure you never lose track of a single piece of your smoking stash. Read on to learn more about this classy smoking accessory and everything that is included.

What’s the benefit of having a smoking kit? 

Any cannabis enthusiast understands the need of having a solid smoking kit. A well-built kit can take the struggle out of having a session and has all of the essential pieces for smoking gathered in one place. However, due to cannabis’s historic illegality, many OG smokers have created homemade kits that fit this purpose. They usually include an herb grinder, rolling tray, herb canister, lighter, rolling papers, an ashtray, and a poking tool at the very least. But depending on how you prefer to consume herb, it can include a variety of other smoking accessories as well, like dab containers, a multi-tool device, and cleaning supplies. A smoking kit puts everything you need to smoke in one location so that you are not searching all over the place for your lighter or grinder.

Back in the day, smoking kits were stored in inconspicuous shoeboxes and stashed under beds for safekeeping. Smoking kits were something to be carefully concealed, not to act as a centerpiece of your decor. But as the cannabis industry develops, so do the accessories that go along with it. Many brands, including Myster, are working to dispel “dirty stoner” stereotypes and provide modern consumers with classy tools to consume and store flower, dabs, and cartridges.

What’s included in the Stashtray Bundle? 

Myster Stashtray Bundle Review

The Stashtray is definitely a thing of beauty, and the fact that you can bundle it with all the other smoking essentials is brilliant. There are five different pieces included in the Stashtray Bundle and they each fit seamlessly together with the aid of magnets. Everything you need snaps into place on your Stashtray and can be tucked away easily in the classy-looking StashBox. This is the perfect bundle for smokers who might be a bit absent-minded or clumsy. Everything you need to smoke is securely held into place so that if you happen to knock the tray over, nothing devastating happens. It is a simple yet brilliant innovative product that every smoking enthusiast needs on their shelf.

1. Stainless steel rolling tray

Myster Rolling Tray

The base of the entire StashBox setup is the stainless steel rolling tray. This tray is a thing of beauty in itself but is also the essential base you need for a Myster stash setup. The rolling tray is sturdy and has a magnetic property to its entire structure so that you can attach the rest of the StashBox accessories easily. The tray is made by stamping two stainless steel sheets together and welding them to form a mirror finish edge. The Stashtray has a modern and clean look about it, and is an essential piece of the StashBox Bundle.

2. Weed container

Myster Weed Container

You can’t have a smoking kit without containers to store your flower or dabs in to keep them fresh. However, the Strain Container by Myster offers a whole lot more than just a place to put things. Each container has a magnetic bottom that will easily fasten to the Stashtray. There is also a viewing window on the top of the canister so that you can peek and see what is inside without opening it. You can also stock up on multiple Strain Containers to create a personal “spice rack” of your favorite flower strains. Each container holds about 10 grams of ground-up flower or a couple grams of dabs.

3. 4-Piece Herb Grinder

Myster Grinder

If you are a flower smoker, then you definitely need a grinder in your smoking kit, no matter what kind of piece you prefer to smoke out of. The four-piece grinder included with the StashTray Bundle is made with Aircraft Grade Aluminum with an anodized color coating to prevent scratches from sticking. It does not have a magnet on the bottom of the grinder, but a magnetic circle can be purchased separately which can be snapped onto the Stashtray. It stands at just over two inches across and just under two inches tall but has enough room to satisfy a regular flower smoker. The pollen-catching layer is essential, and it comes equipped with a pollen scraper so you can load your joints or bowls up with a dash of kief. The Myster grinder is a simple and classy piece on its own but even better when attached to the Stashtray for safekeeping.

5. Ashtray with bowl poker & perch

Myster Ash Tray

If you prefer to smoke from a bong then you will definitely appreciate the ashtray that comes in the Stashtray Bundle. It is about the same size as the Myster grinder and provides multiple functions aside from just gathering your ash. When you remove the top to the ashtray, it reveals a built-in Pipe Spike tool to clear your cached bowls. Then if you flip the lid of the ashtray over, it becomes a stand for your bong bowl. It makes your pieces both easy to load and ash, and the lid screws on tight so that the scent of the ash does not escape into your kit. On its own, it’s a great ashtray, but it’s even better when included in the Stashtray Bundle.

6. StashBox

Myster Stashbox

The last piece of the Bundle is one of the most essential — the StashBox. This sleek and discreet box holds the Stashtray and everything attached to it. It is disguised as a book when you flip the box on its side and fits perfectly on a bookshelf. It stands at ten and a half inches wide, eight inches long, and almost three inches tall, fitting the entire bundle of smoking supplies perfectly.

What’s not included are the Magnetic Lighter Case and Magnetic Stick Sheet, both of which will come in handy if you want to complete your Stashtray smoking kit. You can attach them to rolling papers and keep them right next to the grinder on your Stashtray. The magnetic lighter case is perfect for fitting your standard Bic lighter in one place on the tray so you never lose track of it.

The Stashtray kit can be compared to a classy home bar setup — definitely something you want in your life, but with a price tag to match the fine luxury it is. The Stashtray Bundle is priced at $169, but we feel it is a worthwhile investment for any cannabis connoisseur.

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