Vapen V Pen Diamond – Product Review

Vapen V Pen Diamond – Product Review

We tried the Vapen V-Pen Diamond this week. Check out all the facts and figures in our latest product review.

What is the Vapen V Pen Diamond?

The Vapen V-Pen Diamond is one of the latest concentrate vaporizers to hit the market. It offers a sleek, discreet design with three different temperature settings that allow you to vape your favorite concentrates on the go. You can load the chamber with just about anything you like, including wax, shatter, distillate and other extracts. However, it has trouble with runnier concentrates like live resin or diamonds with terp sauce as they can drip out of the bucket and into the chamber and heating coil itself. This is a common issue with many mid-sized pen-like devices, including the V-Pen Diamond by Vapen.

The design is unique in the sense that it comes with two large-sized buckets you can pre-load with concentrates, making it easy to medicate with high doses anywhere you go. Its small, lightweight design makes it easy to conceal in a purse or pocket. Best of all, the three different temperature settings make vaping concentrates of any consistency a breeze. All in all, the Vapen V-Pen Diamond is a great choice for both seasoned concentrate veterans and newbies who may be turned off by dabbing out of big rigs. It even comes at an affordable price point, making it a great addition to your collection.

Key features

The Vapen V-Pen Diamond vaporizer offers a variety of stellar tech-specs. The full kit includes the pen itself, a cleaning brush, the charger, and two buckets made of quartz for improved flavors and better heat retention.

  • ~$40 retail price
  • A-Grade 650 mAh battery
  • 3 voltage settings: Red Light: 3.4v, Purple Light: 3.7v, Blue Light: 4.2v
  • Detachable mouthpiece
  • Micro USB cord with magnetic end for storage
  • Dab tool and cleaning brush
  • 2x dual-coil quartz tank charging time: 2-2.5 hours
  • Stand-by time: 6 months
  • Auto shut-off feature: 15 seconds

How do you use the V Pen Diamond?

Using the Vapen V-Pen Diamond is super easy. You’ll simply unscrew the mouthpiece and load the bucket with your favorite concentrates. Be sure not to overload the chamber, as it may clog and produce less-flavorful hits that don’t fully activate the THC. Plus, too much concentrate can bubble up and spill out of the bucket into the chamber and heating coil, damaging the device.

Once your concentrate is loaded up, you’ll screw the mouthpiece back on and click the button 5 times to turn the device on. Once turned on, you can click the button 3 times to change the temperature setting. Red is the coolest and allows you to get the most flavor out of your extracts. Purple is a medium setting, offering a good mix of flavors and effects. Blue is the hottest, making it difficult to taste all of the flavors you could detect from the red setting, but still creating a warm dab that can make you cough and get you nice and toasty.

After you find your preferred setting, you’ll hold the button down and draw in the vapor. When you’re done, simply click the button 5 times to power the device down. Wait until it cools and remove the bucket with a pair of tweezers. You can then throw it into some isopropyl alcohol to clean it and load the backup bucket into the device so that it’ll be ready to go for the next use. If the alcohol  doesn’t soak all of the excess resin off the bucket, you can also scrub it with the brush included with the kit.

About Vapen

Vapen is an Arizona-based company that got their start in the cannabis industry by making fully-organic CBD products out of full-spectrum hemp extracts. As the laws in Arizona changed, so did the company. They began expanding their product lines to offer THC in addition to their CBD products. In addition to all of their CBD products, you can now get Vapen extracts such as shatter, wax, and distillate syringes at a handful of your favorite Arizona dispensaries. As more interest was generated for these products, they began refining their technology and began offering a handful of tech, including inhalers, syringes, vaporizers, and vape cartridges. The next time you see their affordable and delicious products on the shelves, try one for yourself and let us know what you think.

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