Yo Dabber Tool Kit Review

Yo Dabber Tool Kit Review

Concentrates are hard to handle, and with the varying consistencies it’s not a one-tool-fits-all type of situation. The cost of concentrates alone is enough motivation to ensure that the right tools are being used to minimize waste and protect your investment.

The latest from Yo Dabba Dabba is a major addition to the brand’s Yo Dabber line. With years of experience in the dab-tools industry, Yo Dabba Dabba knows what dabbers need. Their extensive brand offers the best and most beloved styles of everything from nails and bangers to carb caps, electronic nails, rigs, and accessories.

The Yo Dabbers Dab Tool Kit features 6 stainless steel tools in a protective black case that holds each in place and zips closed. Four tools are double-ended, offering two tools in one. The kit also includes a speciality tool, the Dab Claw that is designed to gently and carefully clutch not just concentrates like diamonds, but also dab accessories like terp pearls and other inserts.

We love this case for a few reasons—it’s discrete, expertly designed, and definitely covers all the bases. You’ll never need to buy another dabber again, and you’ll never find yourself attempting a dab session that you can’t handle. Each dabber has a good weight when in hand and is easy to operate thanks to textured grips on both ends.

Various styles and sizes of scoops, picks, and shovels make this kit extremely well rounded. At just $49.99 it’s a hell of a bargain.

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