Does it seem almost impossible to find a decent rig or waterpipe for under $50? Sure, there’s glass everywhere but the flooded market only inflated prices. Terp Tube is new on the scene with a fresh approach to production glass via practical pieces that don’t skimp on reliability.

Their packaged accessories that accelerate smoke sessions make this brand stand out from the rest. Build your collection and improve function affordably with quality pieces curated by long-time cannabis enthusiasts. From beastly waterpipes to petite rigs, Terp Tube is always expanding the product line with classic designs and the latest styles. Check out some of our favorites from their line:

Beaker Kits– It’s a beautiful thing: one little box includes everything you need for a proper dab session (accessories included). The discreet 5-inch tall quartz beaker rig comes with a fixed 25mm flat top nail built right in. Plus, two terp pearls and a glass cyclone cap that work together to get the most out of every dab.

Glass Reclaimer– Another box, another come up. Reclaimers work with your nail and rig to collect unused concentrates that would otherwise dirty up your rig. Insert a 14mm male nail into the reclaimer and place it in the rig’s joint. When you take a dab, all the reclaim is collected in a convenient silicone jar. Whatever happens next is the dealer’s choice.

Rigs and waterpipes– There’s always a time to smoke (or dab). That’s why Terp Tubes inventory covers everything from tall, thick flower waterpipes like Beakers and Straights to discrete little dab rigs like the Lil’ Chuggers, and everything in between—for every occasion. Most styles come with a slide (except for the Mini Chuggers) and have either a 45 or 90° female joint. With tons of different color choices, you can flex your favorite or go for the classic clear.

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