Website Launch

Website Launch

Welcome to Heady Pages! We’ve spent months researching and gathering information to create the nation’s most extensive head shop and smoke shop directory on the web– and we couldn’t be more stoked to hook you up with a heady lifestyle.

Heady Pages was built by the founders of the Marijuana Pages in an effort to further connect the cannabis industry in an ever-evolving word. We spent endless hours compiling and reporting on thousands of smoke shops and head shops throughout the country to bring the public a concise, user-friendly and informative database that connects consumers with shops who carry what they’re looking for and are located nearby.

From shops in your area to brands and products, our site outlines every aspect of a top-shelf smokers’ life: where to go, what to buy, and which brands to keep an eye on. We’re passionate about the culture and lifestyle, and our dedication and industry experience is measurable through the hundreds of detailed listings that outline each shops history, inventory, vibe, and where to find the products you like.

Since the mid 60s head shops and smoke shops have been the go-to place for a laid back, artsy atmosphere packed full of all the tools needed to support your lifestyle and hobbies (with the strong scent of nag champa.) First emerging in influential locations like New York and San Francisco, head shops and smoke shops have come to populate the entire United States, though, you may not always know where to find them.

Whether you’re in New York, California, or any state in between… we’ve got a shop for you… and some brand suggestions, too. It’s crazy how quickly things evolve nowadays, and our rundown of top brands and products are here to keep you cutting edge, and smoking tough! If there’s a new, hot item, we’ve got a review and a shop that carries it. So, keep up with Heady Pages, because we’ve done the guessing for you. No need to go out on a limb and waste money in an effort to discover the best brands around, just browse through our brand breakdowns to familirize yourself with the industry’s latest and greatest!

About Rachel Howe

Rachel is our product review specialist. She has more than eight years experience working in smoke shops, analyzing the market and finding the most cutting-edge products.