It’s been a long day and you just want to relax. The Clash are blasting from the computer speakers. You’ve got your piece. You’ve got your combustibles. Now where’s that lighter? We need fire!

Since 2011, Bong Budz has been selling magnetic ropes you tie to your water pipe to store your lighter. No more juggling lighter, bong, and carb. No more misplaced lighters. Bong Budz is the ultimate in smoking accessories and come in a variety of styles such as camo, tie-dye, and stripes. “Leafy” is a stylish Bong Budz that features cannabis leaves silhouetted against a Rasta color pattern.  No matter your mood or style, there’s a Bong Budz design for you.

Also available from Bong Budz are belts, storage jars, hats and high ball glasses. Choose between a belt with a white belt buckle with cannabis leaves outlined in black or one with the leaves etched into a black belt buckle. Belts come in black, pink, white and khaki. Stash jars and drinking glasses come etched with skulls, cows, and cannabis leaves. Hats are emblazoned with the Budz logo.

So whether you need a place to store your lighter, keep your stuff fresh, and you want to look cool doing it, Bong Budz has got you covered.

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