High quality Silicone is necessary for any dedicated dab smoker & DividerPro is one of the best producers of platinum cured, medical grade silicone.

When storing your concentrates it is critical to take good care of your smokeables and ensure that dab tools & accessories can accommodate a sanitary and temperature controlled environment. Even supplying the base needs – an airtight seal provided by medical grade silicone is needed to maintain the potency of concentrates and extracts.

In contrast, food grade silicone or lesser plastics are unsafe and degrade exceptionally over time. Although it is acceptable for buds & organic products, concentrates are made with chemical solvents which can lead to the degradation of lower-quality storage containers and smoking accessories.

The products of DividerPro are perfect for smokers who are aware of the woes of contaminants as well as the generally organized smokers. Their name-sake products, the dividers are perfect for keeping your smokeables perfectly portioned.

Additionally DividerPro offers Tube Grips, Cleaning Caps, BaseSavers and even more. All very unique assets for your smoking kit to add some safety to your smoking session. Especially underated is the BaseSaver, also referred to as Base Bumpers, these are silicone caps that can be placed on the bottom of any piece of production glass to give you that extra level of protection.

Other handy uses include tools to prevent your bong or rig from spilling water to keep your bag fresh, silicone wraps to keep your smokeables fresh and a variety of non-stick storage containers for dab kits & accessories.

Any smoker looking to refine their kit and efficiently protect their smokeables should take a look at the catalogue of DividerPro.

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