Elevate Accessories exists at the pinnacle of quality for your smoking needs. This company is defined by its standard of products and tasteful aesthetics. Elevate produces smoking devices that are thoughtfully created with the needs of its consumers in mind.

Their premium accessories are created using high-quality glass and the finest of woods to fill the needs of a variety of smokers. If you are looking for products that compliment your professional lifestyle or high-class attitude – see below for a list of what Elevate Accessories has to offer:

Dugouts: A classic & discrete tool that is underappreciated in the advent of vaping. These beautifully hand-crafted storage containers contain a mini hitter/glass joint as well as just enough extra space to store your bud on the go. Crafted out of dense maple hardwood, these dugouts are designed for the discerning consumer.

Pipes & Bubblers: The elegant designs of Elevate Accessories are accented by the premium glass used in their pipes and bubblers. Sleek and simple, their designs are made to be seen without judgement. A great choice to be confident in your smoking.

Storage Jars and Accessories: In order to accompany and complete the kits provided by Elevate Accessories, they have crafted all your classics out of the same quality materials. This includes top quality glass storage jars and various smoking accessories. If you are stepping up one part of your kit, why not the rest?

All of these enlightening products are 100% made in the USA and all of their deliveries stand by their desire to provide the best possible quality. Sold in 16 countries, their products are available online for consumers around the globe to Elevate their smoking game.

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