Eyce Molds is as innovative as the brand-name reads. This company uses silicone in their products to create designs that are practical but eye-catching – and most importantly – unbreakable.

All too often, if you pick up a resin or silicone rig or piece, you are stuck with a literal tube of plastic that serves one purpose. That is most definitely not the case with the refreshing designs of Eyce Molds.

This company has its consumers in mind and accommodates a variety of smoking styles by applying their innovative silicone designs to many different products.

Pipes & Rigs – Appealing for a variety of smokers, Eyce Molds offers designs for people who prefer pipes, water bongs – or most importantly – dab rigs. In the modern market, it is difficult to find a quality silicone dab rig, Eyce Moulds has filled that gap with these and other smoking accessories.

Eyce Bong – The namesake of the company and the idea that sparked it all. Although not completely made of silicone, the Eyce Bong is made out of what it sounds like – ice. This unique product supplies you with a mold to perfectly reproduce your own smokable ice sculpture. Got a freezer? With the Eyce Bong, that means you now have a piece anywhere you go.

Dab Tools & Accessories – At first glance what stands out most in Eyce Mould’s product line is that the majority of their modern designs created have a built-in silicone storage container on the base of your piece or rig. This is perfect for extract-lovers and dab enthusiasts, or, an on-the-go smoker. Fear not if you lose any piece of your dab rig native to your Eyce Molds rig, they sell a wide range of supplies and replacement parts for the clumsy dabber.  They even have cleaning products available to clean all of your silicone pieces.

Started in 2013 by brothers Charles & Bruce Hoch, the passion toward the quality of this product breaths through their unique video content and thorough blog pieces on their website.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, they operate locally in the Colorado area and ship internationally.

It’s about time you make sure that your piece is as unbreakable as your will to smoke it.

Visit the brand website here