The Genius Pipe is made of anodized aluminum, one of the safest materials on earth. These pipes are sleek and small enough so you can put and carry them in your pocket or a purse just like a phone. Their magnetic sliding cover makes them smell-proof and also keeps your smoking material safe.

With this pipe, you no longer need water to cool your smoke. It’s patented dimple design, hidden inside the pipe, creates millions of micro vortices that clean and cool the smoke. With every breath, you’ll experience all original flavors!

The Genius Classic Collection: This collection includes some of their first designs. These models are the least expensive and the most practical which makes them widely popular.

The Genius Color Collection: When improving their pipe, Genius takes its customers’ feedback into consideration. All the colors and names featured in this collection were suggested by Genius fans.

The Genius Light collection: This is one more collection created because Genius fans requested it. It’s a budget option for anyone who couldn’t afford its own Genius Pipe. You can buy the pipe and the cover separately, and create your own combo that matches your personal style!

The Genius Limited Collection: The pipes from this collection feature works of fine art and are produced in small batches. You can even send your own design.

Genius also sells various smoking accessories you might need. Check out their carrying cases, TruTaste screens, G-stones, and more.

The Genius Pipe is headquartered in Highland Heights, Ohio, and it’s sold in 23 countries. If there’s no Genius in your neighbourhood, contact Genius Pipe, or simply go to their website, create an account and get your personal discount code. Share this code with your local stores’ owner, and you’ll both receive some gratitude from Genius!

Visit the brand website here