Not every smoker loses each lighter they get, plenty are responsible with keeping this critical piece of their arsenal on their persons at all times. Kasher, is for those people.

Attaching this sleek smoking accessory snugly to your lighter provides you with a handy multi-tool & helps make that lighter you kept out of the hands of suspected thieves all that much more unique.

Kasher defines itself as the ultimate lighter tool and it’s a hard fact to deny. This stylish smoking accessory attaches to your lighter with a built in sleeve made of either stainless steel or titanium and even comes with a variety of unique designs and logos inlaid unto the metals. More importantly, size doesn’t matter to Kasher. They have sizes for regular size BIC® lighters, BIC® mini lighters & regular size Clipper® Lighters.

Their product line, which are variations on the flagship design, live up to it’s purpose of being a multi-tool by acting as a:

Pipe Cleaner: Avid adventurer or frequent smoker, everyone has their reason that a pipe can get clogged. A Kasher is perfect for cleaning glass accessories, production glass and other smoking accessories.

Envelope Opener: It may be an outdated medium, but it makes it that much less likely to have your own letter opener handy. Keeping a Kasher on-hand will solve any emergencies involving unopened letters.

Cigar Punch: Fancying a quaint evening? Get that cigar night started using a Kasher.

Box Opener: In the worst case scenario of forgetting another late-night Amazon session, be ready for those packages and open the box with a Kasher.

The ultimate lighter tool has its base in Portland, Oregon at an official Kasher HQ. Sold in all 50 states, Canada and Australia – it’s not that hard to get your hands on a Kasher.

Added bonus; Kasher makes their product available wholesale. What a great idea to make your new business pop with some guerrilla marketing.

Visit the brand website here