Based in Los Angeles, California, Puffco is one of the most respected vaporizer brands around, and with good reason. While there are competing vaporizer products that try to cut corners in order to gain a profit, Puffco is dedicated to making sure that their customers get the most pure experience possible. This means that there are absolutely no glues, fibers, or chemicals in any airways, whatsoever, which is simply a claim that much of the competition cannot make. That might be why Puffco is recognized, and has won so many awards, while being praised as one of the most innovative brands in the vaporizer space.

If you are a concentrate fan, you will be enamored with the Puffco Peak, which is perfect for true concentrate connoisseurs. The smart rig is reasonably priced when you consider the quality and potency of the experience. You can even choose from different colors, and no learning curve is necessary.

The Peak Atomizer is extremely affordable, but it still has the same Puffco standard, in that there are no coils, glues, plastics, or fibers. All it takes is browsing through Puffco’s selection to notice that every product is designed immaculately, and looks stylish, modern, and sleek. There are also perfect gift items for the young professional such as the Peak travel pack, as well as glass stands, carb caps and tethers, dab tools, and chargers. The company truly makes sure that it is a one-stop shop for those who are serious about vaporizing, whether it’s at home or on the go.

One of the unique aspects of Puffco is that it even offers financing on some of its products, which allows consumers to pay in installments – the perfect option for those that might not be able to afford larger purchases upfront. As if this wasn’t enough, the company also has some incredible apparel to represent the brand.They also offer free shipping on orders of a certain amount and gift cards, showing that the brand is truly dedicated to remaining as mainstream and accessible as possible.

Puffco is home to vaporizers that have won multiple High Times Awards, yet their brand is still so mainstream and accessible that it can appeal to both newbies and connoisseurs, which is what makes Puffco so special. Whether you are interested in a great gift, some products for the house, or some great merch – Puffco has you covered, completely.

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