You know that you are dealing with an elite brand when you have been covered in every elite publication in your industry, and that’s certainly something that Dr. Dabber can claim. In fact, Dr. Dabber has been mentioned in much more than simply publications that cover marijuana, but some of the most well-known publications in the world, including Forbes, Men’s Health, VICE, and Maxim. Of course, this shouldn’t be too surprising, as the brand is easily one of the most important vaporizer brands of today. It’s also attained legendary status because it is the originator of the low heat vaporizer pen, which some would say changed the industry forever, and allowed for a new level of accessibility and vaping experience.

Dr. Dabber is an accurate name, because the entire company is meticulously dedicated to providing the customer with the ultimate vaporizer experience. The name is also accurate because the brand also focuses on minimizing health risks as much as possible, in part due to the latest technology. The whole idea behind the brand is to make sure that the consumer can enjoy vaporizing to the maximum, including the taste aspect, while still making sure the experience is as healthy as possible.

The brand doesn’t just claim it’s the best – their position is solidified. Their products have won countless awards when it comes to their vaporizer products, and their newest product, the Switch, boasts patent pending induction heating technology for an absolutely newer kind of experience. The Switch also has an incredible battery life, and accurate temperature profiles.

Dr. Dabber wants customers that aren’t around just for one purchase – they want lifelong customers that appreciate the level of detail and quality that the brand is known for. There’s no doubt that vaping is bigger than ever, but Dr. Dabber certainly knows how to continually outdo itself, and remain in a class of its own. The brand is not only known for its technological innovation, but also for its incredible customer service.

Dr. Dabber truly achieves a balance with regards to health and enjoyment that other companies cannot achieve, and they also even offer a rewards program for loyal customers to show how much they appreciate them. In addition, they also offer free shipping for domestic orders over $100! If you love vaping, then check out Dr. Dabber ASAP!

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