Founded in 2012 this brand started it all with the release of their first dry-herb vaporizer, the Pulsar 7. Since then, Pulsar has branched out to manufacture a wide variety of products made with quality, yet priced affordably.

Vaporizers. Now long past their first vaporizer, Pulsar really caught the attention of consumers with their Pulsar APX dry-herb vaporizer line. Pulsar doesn’t leave anyone out when it comes to vaping; if dry-herb isn’t your thing, there are oil and wax vaporizers as well as disposable pens in their product line-up too.

Hand and Water Pipes. In order to provide an affordable solution for all types of smokers, Pulsar offers a variety of pipes in both silicone and glass. These include bubblers, spoons, and intricately designed water pipes.

Smoking Accessories. Whether it’s a bowl-piece for your bong, a quartz banger for your rig, or extra parts for your vaporizer, Pulsar ensures they’re a one-stop shop for consumers. Their line of accessories seem never-ending and include carb caps, terp beads and dab nails for a well-rounded collection.

Headquartered out of Asheville, North Carolina, Pulsar Vaporizer products can be found through retailers around the globe both in-store and online.

Keeping the modern smoker in mind, Pulsar shines in producing contemporary designs that don’t break the bank.

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