As rebellious & confident as their mascot Sneaky, Skunk Brand stands behind the quality of their product. As a leader in the market of rolling papers & wraps, the Skunk Brand has been one of the industry’s best-kept secrets for the last 20 years.

The company is a fan favorite and represents the truest values of creating quality in everything that they do. All of their papers, hemp wraps and other smoking accessories are promised to be the best fit for the consumer.  

Down to the very reason the company was started, Skunk Brand is all about being the underdog & is sick of people buying less than satisfactory papers simply because they are easier to find.

As their website reads; their Stuff includes:

Originals – The line of originals from Skunk Brand is their flagship product and have been perfected over 20 years now. Using natural acacia gum and thinner leaves, each paper ensures a high-quality smoke while burning clean. When you get yourself a pack, check out the cross-weave watermark which helps the paper to burn evenly.

Hemp Wraps – These no B.S. genuine hemp wraps ensure that you have no tobacco filler to contaminate your smoke. Skunk Brand’s hemp wraps come in a handy reusable zip bag so that you can double up on your session later on with the 2 wraps included while guaranteeing their freshness.

Flavored Papers – The flavored papers created by Skunk Brand are perfect for refining the flavors of your flowers. Using the same high-quality paper as their originals these naturally flavored papers stand out when compared to your typical chemical-laced flavored papers made by other companies.

If you are looking to get your hands on some Skunk Brand for yourself or stock your store’s shelves, they are based in the United States and ship internationally. Stay as calm and collected as Sneaky is & get yourself some Skunk Brand papers today.

Visit the brand website here