Something you do not want to happen is to learn why it is important to purchase high-quality butane products the hard way.

Vector is a company that wants to ensure that your dab tools & accessories are designed from the ground up to give you the most pleasurable experience possible.

No more running to the hardware store for a last minute purchase when your homie comes over wanting to use your dab kit – who are you really kidding – we all know you aren’t a welder. A smoker who is committed enough to purchase a quality dab rig should also care just as much about the torch they use alongside it as well as the fuel that is consequently being used.

Vector fills this kit improvement need by claiming the title of “The Finest Butane Gas”. Their Formula-14 series is a line of cold-filtered butane gas refills which are all put through a 14-step process to develop maximum purity. Perfect for a jet torch and turbo lighters, this gas creates long-running & strong jet flames.

All the more helpful, the array of sizes in their canisters caters to the eclectic variety of dab smokers. Their canisters start in sizes of 107 ml and have some products on offer in sizes to fit long-term fueling needs of up to 600 ml.

To accompany The Finest Butane Gas, Vector also offers a large range of Pocket Lighters, Tabletop Lighters, Butane Torches and Accessories. A certain eye for detail is applied to the careful curation of this product line. The spread of this product line is so thorough that each lighter, smoking accessory and butane torch provided by this company has a place in somebody’s smoking kit.

Operating out of the United States and shipping internationally, you can visit Vector`s website if you are interested in either finding yourself a local dealer or become one yourself!

Visit the brand website here