Zig Zag was founded in 1879 by two brothers who set out to establish a fine cigarette paper producing company. Ever since then, the name Zig Zag has become synonymous with high-quality rolling papers. But that’s not all they do. Innovation leads the charge at this paper company, and here are some of the ways in which they do it.

Classic Papers: Every Zig Zag paper is made with 100% Natural Arabic Gum to produce a seamless close every time. This is because they use the sap of the African Acacia Tree in tandem with natural flax fiber paper. Not only does this combination of materials keep your roll intact, it doesn’t intrude on the taste of your smoke.

Hemp Papers: If you want slow burning then you want Zig Zag Hemp. It is 100% unbleached, ultra-thin, and sourced from organic hemp farms. That means you get a pure puff free of GMOs every time you light up. Smoke as mother nature intended.

Rolling Trays: Roll up without the need to go searching out old magazines or, for the older smokers, CD cases. Zig Zag has a wide variety of rolling trays and other smoking accessories to enhance your smoking experience. Keep all of your shake confined to one space and clean it up when your session is done. Reduce waste and get more bang for your buck with an original Zig Zag rolling tray.

Zig Zag may be located in Louisville, Kentucky, but they’ve been providing quality rolling papers worldwide for 100+ years. You know the name because of the team behind Zig Zag. They’re a dedicated bunch whose main goal is to give customers a satisfying smoke through rolling papers, cigar wraps, and cones they can trust.

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