Dip Devices EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack Review

Dip Devices EVRI Triple Use Vaporizer Starter Pack Review

The EVRI by Dip Devices is more than just a vape. It is a vape pen, electric dab straw, and social activist all rolled up into one. This device also holds the potential to become the transformer vape device you’ve been looking for. With an EVRI in your hand you might end up feeling like a cannabis superhero. But before the power of this multifunctional device goes to your head, read on to learn more about how the EVRI works.

The Battery

The base of this multifunctional vape device is a battery designed to make magic happen. It is the universal piece that you use with a couple of different Dip Devices attachments. It features a sturdy build of plastic and powder-coated siding, with a magnet that connects the various attachments. The EVRI’s battery has 900 mAh of power and charges quickly via a micro-USB charging port. It offers three different heat settings to properly vaporize whatever concentrates you are working with, and there is an auto-shut-off feature that helps to preserve the battery life for longer. Despite all that this battery is capable of, it still has a slimline, compact design. It will fit easily in the palm of your hand, a large pocket, or a purse, and has the weight and build of a quality portable vaporizer.

Dip Devices EVRI Review

The Attachments

Instead of having three different vape devices to meet the needs of concentrates, cartridges, and pods, the EVRI allows you to have one single device that adapts to all of the above. The first attachment is the Vapor Tip, which can be easily clicked into place and is compatible with cartridges or refillable pods. You can use this attachment to vape nicotine e-liquid and other popular cannabis concentrate pods on one side. Then, if you flip this attachment over, it is also compatible with 510 disposable cartridges. So no matter what cartridge strikes your fancy in a dispensary, the EVRI can accommodate it. A few users have reported that the 510 threaded cartridges tend to stick in the chamber from time to time, but if you are not powering through vape cartridges on the daily, this should not be a big issue.

Dip Devices EVRI Product Review

The other attachment for the EVRI is the dab straw, which is designed for dabbing cannabis concentrates straight out of the container. It has a ceramic tip with an instant-heat nichrome coil center that vaporizes your favorite concentrates with ease. It’s important to not overload the dab straw though, as this will lead to excess burn off, wasted concentrates, and a gunked up device. To prevent any residue from building up and ruining the flavor of your vapor, you should clean this attachment after every session. Also, Dip Devices recommends replacing the vape attachments every six to eight weeks, depending on how often you use them. Dip Devices also promises more evolved attachments to come out soon, so that the EVRI device continues to evolve alongside the new and advanced types of cannabis concentrates.

The Causes To Support 

Dip Devices is a company based around activism, with a mission to “promote positive change both within and outside the cannabis industry.” They are working to use their reach and sales to support important social and environmental causes. To start, one percent of all EVRI sales are donated to drug policy reform via Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the Marijuana Policy Project. These organizations work to introduce legislative reform when it comes to policies regarding cannabis use, which is currently a very prominent cause in the industry. However, Dip Devices doesn’t stop there. They also donate one percent of sales to various causes depending on the color attachments you purchase

Black: Racial Justice

For black attachments that match the EVRI’s battery base, one percent of sales is donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. This organization works to establish racial justice in America by making changes to our current policies. They advocate, litigate, and educate so that everyone can have the same opportunities.

EVRI Black Attachments

Red: Blood donation activism

For all purchases of red attachments, a portion of proceeds is donated to Blood Donation Activism via the American Red Cross. They support nonprofits that work to organize safer blood drives to supply hospitals and transfusion centers in need.

EVRI Red Attachments

Blue: Marine conservation

The blue EVRI attachments help raise funds for better conservation of our oceans and all that they hold. One percent of sales are donated to Oceana, which works to push policies that regulate pollution, protect at-risk sea life, and enforce more sustainable fishing practices.

EVRI Blue Attachments

Green: Reforestation and land conservation

By purchasing the green attachments for the EVRI, you are contributing to the cause of Reforestation and Land Conservation. A portion of sales are donated to Conservation International, in particular. They work to preserve the Earth and all the beautiful cannabis that grows on it. This environmental organization seeks ways to fight climate change, protect biodiversity, and to increase global stability.

EVRI Green Attachments

Orange: Fighting Food Insecurity

And finally, the orange attachments raise funds for the well-known organization, Feeding America. This group works to solve hunger through a variety of projects and long-term food security initiatives. These tactics include food recovery programs, food safety education, and food banks.

So by purchasing one EVRI vape device, you have the opportunity to support seven different social causes. You can not only feel good because you’re vaping, but you can also feel good about where some of the proceeds of your purchase are being donated. With a starter pack with a price tag of $69.99, that’s a $1.40 donation per device purchased. But all of those dollars add up, in the long run, helping to create some real positive change in the world.

EVRI Orange Attachments

Overall evaluation of the EVRI

With the proud hashtag of #tossthetorch spread across Dip Device’s social media pages, you can tell that their aim is to reinvent dabbing. They make dabbing approachable for anyone, and convenient for the most experienced dabbers. The EVRI provides plenty of clouds and lots of flavor with each hit, no matter if it’s from a cartridge, pod, or dab straw — all with the push of a button. However, you will have to replace the parts of the EVRI device as often as you would replace a well-used atomizer in a standard portable vaporizer. But the good news is that with every replacement purchase, you are donating to a social or environmental cause of your choice.

Overall, the EVRI is a great device that supports great causes. But it might not be a good go-to device for heavy dabbers. It is best used for microdosing throughout the day, with a variety of concentrates or cartridges. It is one of the most versatile portable vaporizers on the market, and Dip Devices only promises more versatility in the future!

EVRI by Dip Devices: Unboxing from Dip Devices on Vimeo.

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