Linx Apollo E-Rig Review: The Most Versatile Extract Vaporizer Available

Linx Apollo E-Rig Review: The Most Versatile Extract Vaporizer Available

If you’re looking for the missing link between vaping and dabbing, look no further than the Linx Apollo E-Rig. This innovative vape device offers the best of both worlds and adaptability we have not yet seen matched. If you are a fan of cannabis concentrates, then you will most likely be a fan of the Apollo. But first, read on to learn exactly what this hybrid device does and why it is so incredibly cool.

The Portable Vaporizer 

At first impressions, the Apollo by Linx looks like a normal portable vaporizer. It has a powerful 2600 mAh lithium-ion battery acting as its base. This battery charges in three to four hours via a micro USB cable, and will last a full day of sessions before you have to plug it in again. This battery stands at just two and a half inches tall and one and a half inches wide, making it a compact base relative to the power it provides.

The Apollo can first act as a dab pen when it is being used in “portable mode” with the bubbler attachment. The bubbler adds just a few inches to the battery and makes the device into a complete, smooth-hitting mini e-rig. All you have to do is fill the bubbler attachment with water, drop a dab of concentrate into the quartz heating chamber, and then attach the pre-filled bubbler piece. From there, the atomizer does all the work for you.

Linx Vapor Apollo Review

The quartz bucket heating chamber is about a half-inch tall and quarter-inch wide, allowing for plenty of room to load in your concentrate with ease.  The inlaid quartz heating chamber heats instantly and evenly, without an exposed heating coil that can get all gunked up. However, it is recommended to load a dab that’s about the size of a grain of rice and build from there so you don’t overload the device.

The Apollo turns on with five clicks of the power button, and you can choose your temperature setting with three clicks. There are four different temperatures to choose from, and the device lets you know what temperature it’s set to with color-coded lights, including blue, green, yellow, and red. It heats to temperature with one push of the button and vibrates when it reaches the set temperature. The best temperature for portable mode medium (green), but the optimal setting will depend on the viscosity of the concentrates you are loading in. There is also a Heat Boost feature that propels the Apollo to temperature and allows you to get big clouds of vapor on the first hit.

The vapor produced by this portable electronic vaporizer is fluffy and flavorful, and the concentrates waste is minimal. It is not the most discrete device to use in the open, but the carrying case does make it convenient for packing up and bringing along. At the price of $259.99, it is more expensive than your average dab pen, but that’s because it is so much more than just a portable vape device.

The Electronic Dab Rig 

What you might not see at first is that the Apollo also converts to “desktop mode,” to become an e-nail when you attach it to your favorite water pipe. Once you plug the bottom of the device with the airflow tool and attach the carb cap chamber, you can load the Apollo into your glassware in place of your usual flower bowl. It has a glass-on-glass joint that makes the Apollo fit with 14mm or 18mm downstems, which are the most common joint sizes. Once the Apollo is loaded into position and equipped with the carb cap, you can use it like a traditional e-nail, but without the wires.

Linx Apollo eRig Review

In desktop mode, you still get the ease and power of the quartz heating chamber, but it is paired with even more filtration from your bong. It takes eight to thirty seconds for the Apollo to reach temperature, with the added power of the heat boost to make sure your first and last hits are consistent. Although the Apollo can reach a temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit from the start, it feels best to use it on the yellow or medium-high temperature setting when attached to your glassware. Simply put, the Apollo takes your average bong and turns it into a high-powered e-rig with the press of a button.

The Missing Link

The Apollo truly offers the best of both dabbing worlds, allowing you to switch between a portable bubbler and desktop e-rig with ease. It fits in the palm of your hand but becomes a full-blown e-rig when attached to your bong. Gone are the days when you needed three different devices to dab concentrates at home and on the go — now all you need is the Apollo. It is the missing link you’ve been searching for between portable and desktop vaporizers.

Linx Apollo Product Review

Linx was smart to pair the device down to just what is needed with the quartz heating chamber and powerful battery. The ability to add a bubbler is a huge plus that you won’t find in other portable vaporizers. And because it attaches to glassware it can turn your old-school flower bong into an advanced e-rig, without the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a new piece. Its versatility is what makes it really stand out in a crowd of vaporizers. However, Linx did not skimp on quality for the sake of design. They put all of their devices through heavy metal testing, and the Apollo is no exception. This ensures that you are inhaling the purest of vapor, without any potential harmful burnoff from the device.

Linx Apollo Case

Everything you need to get dabbing is included in the Apollo starter kit, excluding the glass bong you will attach it to.

What’s in the box:

  • Apollo Base
  • Quartz Atomizer
  • Carb Cap
  • Glass Bubbler
  • Silicone Airflow Regulator
  • Silicone Airflow Sleeve
  • Male Water Pipe Adaptor (fits 14mm or 18mm downstem)
  • Dab Tool
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Carrying Case

The Apollo is the most powerful dabbing device we’ve seen in a while, and is extremely portable. It is easy to care for when loaded back into its carrying case and cleaned after each session. To clean the device, all you have to do is clean out the heating chamber since there are no exposed coils. You should routinely wipe it out with the included cleaning brush while it’s still hot and the resin can be easily removed. You can also use the heat boost feature to burn off trace amounts of resin. It helps to stick the brush down the airflow path too, just in case there is build-up inside.

It is difficult to think of a reason not to buy the Apollo by Linx if you dab consistently. Whether you are just upgrading your old dab rig or getting started with your first setup, the Apollo is a great investment. It allows you to dab on the go and at home with complete ease and convenience.

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