Dr Dabber Switch Review

Dr Dabber Switch Review

The Doctor is in and ready to rip! Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH Vaporizer heats up in seconds to provide any style dabber with their ideal vaping experience. Whether you are a first-time dabber or a well-experienced stoner, the SWITCH may convert you to dabbing in just one hit. Read on to learn more about why you should consider flipping over to the SWITCH.

Proprietary Technology

The most defining feature of Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH is the use of patent-pending induction heating technology. In the simplest of terms, induction heating is “the heating of material by inducing an electric current within it”. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is actually cutting-edge technology for vaporizers. No one else on the market has even tried to do what Dr. Dabber is doing with the SWITCH, making its technology innovative and ahead of the curve.

Dr Dabber Switch review

By appearance, Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH portable and desktop vaporizer is futuristic as well. It looks like what George or Jane Jetson would have vaped out of if their cartoon was intended for adults over the age of twenty-one. It has a high-quality satin finish and customizable glass attachments to fit your preferences. Its design is still subtle enough to keep a low profile when needed, and the base is solid enough that it won’t tip over in a strong breeze. The integrated interface is easy to use, with just a few buttons to memorize and manage. The use of induction heating makes it safer to use than a standard flame-fueled dab rig, and more durable than the alternative glass setup. The SWITCH’s bowl, or ceramic induction cups, are also incredibly resilient in comparison to a standard glass banger. It features an auto-cool-down function to extend the life of your device and make it even safer to use while high. The well-thought-through design also seals off all electronic parts from the heating element, so that no leaking oil can cause malfunctions. This vaporizer even goes as far as to clean itself with a high-energy heat mode to burn off any leftover residue in the bowl. The use of induction heat makes the SWITCH reliable and precise in its 25 different temperature settings and heats to temperature in an average of four seconds. Simply put, the SWITCH is unlike any other portable or tabletop vaporizer we have seen before — and that doesn’t even touch upon its completely customizable features.

Completely Customizable

Dr. Dabber designs their vaporizers to provide an ideal vaping experience for every smoking style. They aim to minimize health risks for cannabis consumers, without sacrificing taste or effectiveness. And they succeeded in creating a reliable, consistent, and controlled vaping experience with the SWITCH. It was obviously designed by dabbers who know that no two dabs are alike.

This vaporizer offers users multiple modes for multiple cannabis materials, including Leaf Mode, Oil Mode, Crystal Mode, and 25 Advanced Modes for both oils and herbs. This customizable temperature control allows you to tailor-fit your bowl’s heat to the viscosity of the cannabis product you are consuming. It also allows you to crank up the vapor production, or tune in on the flavor of a microdose dab. If you like a long and slow session, you can also adjust the SWITCH to hold heat for longer periods before the auto-cool down feature kicks in.

Dr Dabber Switch

There is a slew of custom parts and accessories to go with this portable vaporizer. You have 25 different standby LED light show options to choose from, or you can set it to the no-light stealth mode. The SWITCH comes with white and black precision heating induction cups, so you can color code as you please. You can also purchase a crystal cup separately, for your most crystalized concentrates. The glass percolator attachment comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and is made entirely of heavy-duty borosilicate that won’t break easily. You can also deck your SWITCH vaporizer out with dab tools, carb caps, reverse action tweezers, a ceramic flower filter, and a silicone dab container to complete your dabbing setup.

Powerful Battery Life

One of the most impressive features for any experienced vaper is the extensive battery life the SWITCH offers. When running on its lowest heat settings, this vaporizer can run up to 150 uses or almost a week of battery life from one charge. If you are more a heavy hitter though, you can achieve an average of 50 dabs with 10 cleaning cycles run between uses. It takes about 60 minutes to gain a full charge and should be put through the self-cleaning mode after about five sessions. It will easily last you all day, if not for a few days. And even if the battery runs out, you can still use it while charging with its pass-through capability.

Dr Dabber Switch Product Review

The SWITCH’s battery is also designed with LiFePO4 non-volatile battery cells built into the battery pack. There is also over-voltage, over-current, under-voltage, over-temperature, short-circuit, and reverse-polarity protection built-in as well. All to say, this is one of the safest vaping devices on the market to use.

The Dual-Use Debate

There is some debate out there about whether Dr. Dabber’s SWITCH is ideal for both cannabis concentrates and flower. Although the device is technically capable of vaporizing both, it definitely is stronger in the oil department. Users have shared that the flower hits are almost unnoticeable at first, before turning to a mix of vapor and smoke that is less than tasty to inhale. For cannabis concentrates, however, the SWITCH hits consistently, with oil bubbling from the bottom instead of burning from the middle and spreading precious concentrate into corners.

Overall, the SWITCH by Dr. Dabber should be prescribed to every dabbing enthusiast. This innovative vaporizer is best compared to a dab rig or large glass bubbler. It is portable, but not necessarily handheld and discrete, making it perfect for bringing along to parties but less ideal for hitting the trails with. It is quite the initial investment, at a price tag of near $400 without any of the cool accessories, but worth every penny in our opinion. We also recommend stepping it up with a directional carb cap and premium induction cups if you’re an every-day dabber! There are many temperature settings to explore and tinker with so that you get the perfect hit every time. We think the SWITCH is easy to use from load to exhale and is the perfect at-home dab rig.

Have you tried the SWITCH? What is your preferred setting for your favorite cannabis concentrate? Share with us in the comment section below!

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