How To Market Your Smoke Shop On A Budget

How To Market Your Smoke Shop On A Budget

Marketing your smoke shop doesn’t have to break the bank to be effective. By using some creativity and strategic tactics, you can create a successful marketing campaign that works. Here are the top five ways to market your smoke shop quickly, strategically and effectively.

  1. Social media: Use those popular social medical platforms strategically. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube don’t allow ads from marijuana-related businesses, you can work around these restrictions. So ditch the ads and generate valuable, useful content. Sites like gives you hashtags that are trending specific to industry and specific to the platform (i.e. Instagram only, etc.). Including hashtags with your posts can spread your message far and wide without breaking any rules. Post frequently. Ask questions, generate feedback and engage your audience.
  2. Contests & giveaways: There are rules governing what you can and cannot give away in contests and promotions, but don’t let that stop you! If your state allows it, start a customer loyalty rewards program with points earned per purchase or other incentives, like special discounts on grinders with certain purchases, for example. Drive those sales and increase your smokeshop traffic with special promotional prices and special offers.  Whatever avenue you choose, just be mindful that your contests and rewards comply with state law.
  3. Retail space events: You’re already paying rent on a retail space. Use it to your full advantage. Decorate your space for whatever holiday season you’re in, and create specially curated gift ideas to help guide your customers to a purchase. Promote these events on social media and via press releases to local news outlets and you’ve just effectively created a cross-platform marketing blitz! Valentine’s Day is a great time to encourage out-of-the-box purchases for sweethearts — surprising a loved one with something other than a box of chocolates. But don’t stop there — to really make an event pop, consider having live music, catered appetizers or product experts available to consult with customers.
  4. Email marketing: Use your contests, retail space events and loyalty programs to your full advantage. Get your customers to provide their email address or cell number — through contests, retail events, or social media interactions — and market directly to them throughout the year. Just be mindful that your marijuana-related email marketing is relevant, enticing and strategic. Nobody likes receiving a bunch of worthless junk email, so consider a call to action that translates into discounts on ashtrays, grinders or free rolling papers. Use that information to track conversion rates.
  5. Directories: Make sure your customers — current and potential — can find you. Get your business listed on Heady Pages, a business directory dedicated specifically to smoke shops and head shops, and making sure customers can find them. Make sure that your business has a Google My Business listing (which is free and easy to set up). Make a website, have a social media presence and make sure potential customers know where to find you.

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