Review: Phoenician Herb Grinder

Review: Phoenician Herb Grinder

The Phoenician Herb Grinder offers cannabis consumers a premium experience when it comes to breaking down bud. It promises to be the last grinder you will ever buy. And we promise to give you all the details, so you know what you’re getting before you buy one for yourself.

What Makes the Phoenician Engineering Herb Grinder So Awesome?

Quality is paramount at Phoenician Engineering and that is obvious in the products it creates. The Phoenician manufacturing team is currently made up of just three people, and they have been doing business together for more than six years. Since opening, they have made over 37,000 grinders.

The Phoenician Herb Grinder cuts through even the stickiest of fire flower like butter. It is painstakingly designed to provide a premium grinding experience and holds multiple patents to back that up. The design is inspired by the Fibonacci spiral pattern and filters the flower and kief into the collection containers with a simple twist. The Phoenician’s patented Lock-Notch System makes the grinder smooth and easy to use. It also eliminates the possibility of resin gunking up your grinder’s gears.

Phoenician Engineering Review

The small, medium or large sizes come in three- or four-piece models, fitting any cannabis consumer’s needs. They are available in seven colors, including Bordeaux red, forest green, jet black, marine teal, neon pink, ocean blue and vibrant yellow.

Every Phoenician Herb Grinder undergoes a thorough quality control process. Each grinder goes through a hand deburring process to remove any sharp metal flakes that might remain after manufacturing. They are each then hand-inspected to ensure the quality and safety of every grinder.

The Highlights

Premium Materials

What’s even better is that this grinder is made in the USA and uses American-sourced materials. The Phoenician Herb Grinder is standardly made of aerospace-grade anodized aluminum and comes in a variety of sizes and colors. This design also uses N52 neodymium magnets, the strongest magnets for herb grinders on the market, ensuring that each layer connects securely.

Phoenician Engineering Grinder Product Review

Unlike most other herb grinders on the market, the Phoenician features a removable screen made of 304 stainless steel with a fine mesh rating of 50. With the screen being removable, you can replace it or deep clean it when it gets too covered with kief. Phoenician even sells replacement kits to ensure that your new screen fits like a glove.

Pro-Tip: Put your grinder in the freezer before using a toothbrush to clean off any excess residue! 

Premium Experience

This is the epitome of premium herb grinding experiences, redesigning the standard from a patient’s perspective. The Phoenician Grinder has unique features that other grinders on the market don’t offer. It can hold about six grams of fresh flower and cuts strong and smooth through every bud. It accomplishes this by using 50 percent fewer teeth in the grinder design in order to allow you to pack it with more flower and grind without friction. The pollen catcher is even bowl-shaped so that you can easily collect and use all the precious cannabis pollen.

The lobe-grip ridge design on the outside of the grinder allows for medical patients to get a better grip when grinding up their herb. And the lack of threading makes it easier for patients with arthritis to use on a regular basis. It even arrives in medical-grade packaging, to ensure that you are getting a clean, sterile device right out of the box.

Premium Price

For such a premium product, you should expect to pay a premium price. The Phoenician Herb Grinder is the most expensive grinder on the market but is arguably the best grinder on the market as well. It is also backed by a Lifetime Warranty, reassuring that your money is backed for a lifetime of use.

Phoenician Grinder Review

Pricing ranges from $55 USD for their small three-piece medical-grade grinder to $135 USD for a large four-piece grinder with a built-in paper holder and rolling tray. If you’re really looking to ball out, Phoenician offers Custom Elite Series Grinders available for special order, ranging from $2,000 to $4,000 USD. These customer grinders are made of Stainless Steel and Titanium with the option for custom 24k Gold, Silver or Copper plating, and are arguably the coolest looking grinders we have seen yet.

Fun Fact: The Phoenician Gold Grinder undergoes the same manufacturing process as the satellite parts that go into space! 

Will You Love The Phoenician Herb Grinder?

If you’re living life on a budget, other grinders will fit your needs perfectly. However, if you’re looking to treat yourself, get the large one, future you will thank you. You might feel like you’ve overpaid for such a simple tool, but as a dedicated flower smoker, it will change your cannabis life. It will be the last grinder you ever purchase — unless you want a second one of course.

Can you think of another feature that would improve this grinder even more? Because we can’t. But let us know what you dream of in the comment section below! 

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