OOZE Bowser Pipe Review

OOZE Bowser Pipe Review

If Bowser owned an Ooze pipe maybe he would have learned to chill out, talk things over with Mario, and shown Princess Peach his sweet side. But then again, without Bowser’s inner-conflict we wouldn’t have hours of Mario games to pass the time with. So instead, Ooze created the perfect pipe to pair with sessions with our favorite Mario villain — the Bowser Pipe. This pipe is actually quite similar to its namesake for a variety of reasons. Read on to learn more about the indestructible and versatile Ooze Bowser Pipe!

Fire-breathing Ability

Bowser is best known in Mario games for his fire-breathing abilities and powerful attacks. He is the supervillain everyone loves to hate and loves to play because he packs a hefty punch. The Bowser Pipe by Ooze is very similar. It packs a punch in a compact package and allows you to exhale smoke like a natural-born dragon. The key to creating smoke clouds with the Bowser Pipe is pulling its removable glass chamber insert into the extended position.

Ooze Pipe Review

This makes the pipe full length and helps to create large, billowing clouds of smoke from your favorite cannabis flower. The insert is made entirely of high-quality borosilicate so that every hit tastes smooth and has no odd aftertaste. Yet you will have an odd feeling that you can breathe fire…

Monstrous Appearance

The appearance of both the King Koopa and the Bowser Pipe might be a bit aggressive for the average person’s tastes, but we love the cartoon-like design. This Ooze pipe features a turtle shell-like silicone bowl and matching silicone mouthpiece. The two pieces can be connected via the glass insert or connected directly to make a compact travel pipe.  This unique feature takes the Bowser Pipe from being a tabletop pipe to being small enough to fit in a fanny pack, jacket pocket, or your standard stash bag. And let us tell you, this two-in-one pipe hits hard either way.

Bowser Bowl Pipe Product Review

The Bowser pipe also has a unique shape due to the fact that it can be completely disassembled for cleaning. The glass insert comes apart from the silicone mouthpiece and bowl. Its screened glass bowl piece can also be removed from the silicone turtle shell bowl, making it easier to reach those pesky rounded corners. The fact that the majority of the pipe is silicone means that practically nothing will stick to it. So after the pipe comes apart, all you need to use is hot water and fresh air to clean it thoroughly. That means no more alcohol and rock salt fiascos for you. High five!

Check out Ooze’s video overview of the Bowser Pipe to see how it works: 

Powerful and Resilient

No matter how much you beat up Bowser, he always seems to have life left in him — and it’s the same with the Bowser Pipe. Silicone remains a go-to material within the industry since it can survive bending, dropping, throwing, heating, and whatever else you might subject it to. Ooze also standardly uses food-grade silicone, making it completely safe to smoke from. The Bowser pipe is made entirely of sturdy glass and unbreakable heavy-duty silicone, making it virtually indestructible. You can toss it in a bag and never worry about the possibility of it breaking.

Completely Obsessed

Bowser may be completely obsessed with Princess Peach, but we are completely obsessed with the simple yet powerful Bowser pipe. This hybrid silicone and borosilicate glass piece proves to be virtually unbreakable, much like the virtual Bowser. The Bowser Pipe is an ideal companion on the couch and out on an adventure, and for the cannabis smoker who likes to transition easily between both.

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This pipe caters to the average on-the-go flower smoker with its versatility, durability, and stand-out style. It comes in six different bright color options, including red/yellow rasta, green, blue/white, purple/pink, black/green, and red/black/grey, all with clear glass inserts. They are all at a surprisingly affordable price of $14.99, so you might as well grab a couple to stash in all your bags. Ooze also offers silicone containers to go with your pipe, so that you can pre-grind and pack up your herb to go. That means you can stash your pockets with a completely unshatterable smoking set up to hit the slopes this winter. The Bowser Pipe can take a hit so that you can too.

Do you prefer spending the day with Bowser the character or the Bowser Pipe? Let us know in the comments below!

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