Terp Tube Brand Review

Terp Tube Brand Review

There are lots of different brands out there when it comes to water pipes, but they’re not all created equally. In fact, tracking down a quality, affordable brand with products that look good and function well can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why when something exciting comes along, we like to pass their information along. This week we’re talking Terp Tubes. Here’s everything you need to know about the Terp Tube brand and their well-made products.

Introducing the Terp Tube brand 

Terp Tube is an up-and-coming brand in the dabbing game, but they’re a force to be reckoned with. Between countless positive reviews and stellar feedback on product quality and customer service, the Terp Tube brand caught our attention just as quickly as it caught everyone else’s attention. Each of their products is dense and heavy, made from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass and made to last. These water pipes are made by and for cannabis connoisseurs of all walks of life and designed with thoughtful engineering for both form and function, guaranteeing a product that looks beautiful and rips with ease.

Right now, Terp Tube can be purchased at headshops across the country as well as their website and select online retailers such as Yo Dabba Dabba. 

Below, we’re breaking down some of their exciting water pipe products.

Quartz beaker kits 

Terp Tube Dab Rigs

The crown jewel of the Terp Tube product line is their boxed kits. Each one comes with everything you need to dab in a convenient, gorgeous box for only $45. Inside you’ll find a Terp Tube beaker rig made from heavy borosilicate glass along with a quartz banger with your choice between a regular or opaque-bottom finish. These elegant-looking rigs also come with a quartz cyclone carb cap and two quartz terp pearls. Basically all you need is your favorite concentrate and a torch and you’ll be ready to go.

Water pipes and dab rigs 

Terp Tube Dab Rig

Outside of the kits, Terp Tube makes a huge line of water pipes and dab rigs. Their larger beaker, straight and handbell lines come with a downstem and a straight mouthpiece, making them fantastic for flower. They’re also perfectly outfitted to be used with other Terp Tube accessories, which we’ll talk about in the next section. Like everything else Terp Tube makes, their water pipes are notably heavy with nice wide bases that make them significantly harder to tip or break.

Their dab rigs are also fantastic. The Mini Chuggers, Lil’ Chuggers, and Fat Bottoms are all great for dabbing. They are outfitted to work with most male quartz bangers and come in small and medium sizes that allow you to optimize your hits and get better flavors out of your dabs. The angled mouthpiece makes these products perfect and safer for tabletop dabbing setups, too.

Each of the Terp Tube water pipes and dab rigs is made from borosilicate glass and designed with suction, form, and function in mind. They range in price from $30-$55, depending on the size, style, and color options you choose.

Reclaimers and other accessories 

Terp Tube Reclaimer

As we mentioned in the last section, Terp Tube also offers accessories that make it more enjoyable and economical to enjoy your products. Each product is made from high quality borosilicate material, and they slide right in to Terp Tube water pipes with ease.

Their most exciting accessory is their glass reclaimer, which comes with two silicon pucks that you can use to store your reclaim and collect more. To use it, you’ll attach the specially-designed puck to the bottom of the reclaimer, and attach it to your rig. From there, you’ll slide the banger into the top and dab like normal. It’s specialized design will funnel any reclaimed dabs directly into the puck at the bottom, making cleanup a breeze.

Terp Tube also makes an ash-catcher that works great with their larger water pipes. It attaches directly to the Terp Tube pipe to offer extra filtration, helping to keep your pipe cleaner for longer. They’re designed to work directly with Terp Tube pipes and come in different sizes to work with any Terp Tube or other water pipe intended for flower use.

All in all, Terp Tube makes an exquisite line of products that work great. Their high quality and low pricing makes the Terp Tube brand one of the best water pipe brands out there, especially when you’re looking for a complete banger kit that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but still matches up to the expensive brands.

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