Weedgets MAZE Pipe Review

Weedgets MAZE Pipe Review

As any seasoned stoner will know, there are many options for consuming cannabis these days. Your favorite herb can be ground up and rolled into joints, blunts, backwoods, L’s, or whatever your circle calls them. Cannabis can be concentrated and torched or vaporized with the touch of a button. Or you can kick it old school, and break your flower down to burn in a bong, bubbler, chillum, one-hitter, glass blunt, or the classic pipe. All these options are sure to get you high, but some methods are now preferred over others. The modern stoner now prefers smoother, cleaner, and overall healthier methods of cannabis consumption.

The MAZE Pipe, created by Weedgets, hits the sweet spot between classic smoking methods and modern design. You can still be old school and smoke from a pipe, but this pipe will be one of the smoothest smoking experiences you’ve had to date. Read on to learn more about the MAZE Pipe’s amazing features.

The MAZE Pipe

So, how did Weedgets transform an ordinary smoking device into an extraordinary smoking experience? They focused on providing cleaner, safer and cooler smoke. This is accomplished with a maze-like air pathway, which allows the smoke to cool and filter before being inhaled. The unique maze also blocks tar and resin from entering your lungs, and prevents annoying scooby snacks from sneaking through. This pipe is almost guaranteed to not burn your throat on the inhale and to be as smooth as hitting a vaporizer on the exhale.

Weedgets Maze Pipe Review

Navigating the MAZE’s features

Although the pieces of the MAZE Pipe may appear to be simple, they are all thoroughly thought-out to provide smoother smoke. Weedget’s patent-pending cough-less technology works to cool smoke and extract harsh tar and resin. You can even add a charcoal filter to provide further purification for your lungs. This pipe is designed for gentle, short puffs, with a mesh bowl that holds enough for a couple of good, clean hits. We have not experienced a harsh hit or inhaled any plant matter with the MAZE Pipe yet.

The MAZE Pipe’s materials are designed to provide clean smoke and be incredibly durable. The body is made of medical-grade silicone, coming in eight different color options. The handle is crafted with anodized aircraft-grade thick aluminum, paired with a mesh bowl made of surgical-grade stainless steel that leaves no trace of metal taste. Put it all together and you have a pipe that will easily survive a fall, bounce or stumble.

All of these pipe pieces also come apart for cleaning with dish soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol. It is by far the easiest pipe we have ever cleaned. It has no intricate corners you can’t reach with a cotton swab in the common glass pipe. And once you unassemble it you will also see the resin and tar trapped in the MAZE Pipe’s intricate airway maze — showing you proof of the potential damage you saved your lungs and throat.

Weedgets Pipe Review

After soaking the pipe’s parts, you can wipe them with cotton swabs or paper towels, and reassemble within minutes. Since the parts of the MAZE Pipe are made to be durable, you don’t have to worry about breaking your piece during the cleaning process.

MAZE Pipe Pro-Tip: Add a dab of olive oil to the rim of the pipe for smooth reassembly after cleaning!

One of our favorite features is the detachable pipe tip. That’s right, just the tip detaches for easy cleaning and safe pipe passing. In today’s germ-conscious times, that means everyone in your circle can have their own clean tip to hit the MAZE Pipe, allowing for a more sanitary smoking experience. This is a feature we are sure will spread, but Weedgets got there first. An added bonus is you can also use the detachable tip as a joint or preroll holder!

Potential MAZE dead ends

Although we have sung the glories of the MAZE Pipe so far, there are a few potential drawbacks for the more discerning stoner. This pipe is shaped like a classic spoon pipe, yet there is no carb included. This surprised us at first, but after using the MAZE Pipe we found that it delivered a smooth, strong hit, even without a carb. This unique design makes the pipe easy to approach as a new smoker, but can be counter-intuitive for seasoned pipe smokers.  The bowl can also take a minute to load at first, since you need a thin flat object to pop open the lid. However, the lid also ensures that no herb escapes, even if you accidentally drop it mid-session.

Anyone accustomed to smoking out of glass may initially be turned off by the use of silicon in the MAZE Pipe. However, this material is proven to be durable, easier to clean than glass, and it conducts less heat and carries fewer germs. The silicon pieces, including the removable tips, come in blue, black, camo-green, camo-fire, camo-pink, rainbow, green-silver, and blue-silver. These color options might not suit all stoner’s preferences, but they align with the common colors on the market for most silicone pipes and bongs. It can be difficult to use this pipe discreetly, but it will easily survive bouncing around in your bag. While silicone is not the most aesthetically pleasing material to look at, it is durable and has a professional finish. If you care more about function over aesthetics, then the MAZE Pipe will serve you just fine.

Maze pipe review

The price of the MAZE Pipe might stop you in your tracks as a new smoker. But it is worth the cost if you look at all the well-thought-through details of such a simple smoking device. For $50, you get a durable, clean, and easy-to-use personal pipe with great design and functionality. If smoke-quality is your deciding factor, the value is obvious with the MAZE Pipe.

Will you be amazed?

The MAZE Pipe by Weedgets is pretty amazing for a seemingly simple head piece. Inside its well-thought-out design is a maze of features that lead to an amazing smoking experience. You almost don’t feel the inhale if you are used to smoking out of a standard, short spoon glass pipe. It is even easier to use than your average pipe and addresses all the little details that most pipe manufacturers left unattended for years. It is amazingly easy to clean in comparison to most glass pieces, and the ability to swap out the parts for spares is definitely a plus. A first-time smoker will instantly see it’s benefits and a long-time stoner will grow to love its longevity, making the MAZE Pipe an enjoyable smoke experience for all.

Were you amazed when you smoked the MAZE Pipe for the first time? Share your story in the comments below!

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