Atmos’ The Swiss Kit Review

Atmos’ The Swiss Kit Review

You can really never have enough portable vaporizers. Unfortunately, quality portable vapes are a little tricky to come by. Most of them are pretty standard, and with normal wear and tear they tend to break down a little faster than they should. Sometimes though, we come across a true gem. Everyone needs a good portable vape, and we just found our new favorite. Meet The Swiss, the latest portable vaporizer and rig insert by the heads at Atmos.

What is The Swiss? 

The Swiss is aptly named since it’s got more features than a swiss army knife. It’s by far one of the most versatile multi-purpose vaporizers out there. But more importantly, it exceeds our expectations in terms of quality. This portable vaporizer is small and discreet enough to be hidden in a pocket or purse, but it still comes jam packed with high-quality components, a powerful atomizer, a spring-loaded connection, splash resistant mouthpieces, and a cap that doubles up as storage for your herb and wax.

atmos swiss vaporizer

Atmos Swiss Vaporizer Review

But here’s the real kicker: the thing is designed to be used as a rig insert as well. It fits snugly in most standard pipes thanks to its shape. Its unique design features a dedicated airflow tube that provides traditional and reverse airflow as you use it. Everything comes apart quickly for easy cleaning, but we love that it comes with a silicon cap and funnel that make it easier to load and reload the device as you’re using it.

How it works 

Out of the box, The Swiss is designed to be used with rigs. You simply load it up, slide it onto your dab rig in place of the banger, and set it to one of three pre-set temperature settings. You can use it to take dabs directly without the use of a torch or an e-nail since its built to work with 510 heating cartridges and atomizers. You can also swap out the chamber in the Swiss to connect a heating attachment, which allows you to use it like a desktop vaporizer. The Swiss is insanely versatile, so you can even use quartz atomizers and percolator attachments to add water filtration.

atmos swiss vaporizer review

Atmos Swiss Vaporizer Review

To use it as a portable vaporizer, you’ll need to invest in the $27 Studio Rig ceramic chamber. But once you have that you can take it with you wherever you go. You can stash your products in the bottom of the device, load it up with ease, and smoke as you go.

What we love about Atmos’ The Swiss 

swiss vape review

Atmos Swiss Vaporizer Review

There’s so much to love about the versatility, durability, and affordability ($130) of The Swiss. Our only real complaint is that if you want to use it as a portable vaporizer, you’ll need to buy the Studio Rig Ceramic Chamber separately. But that said, The Swiss is perfect for at home with your rig or on the go on its own. We love the convenient silicon cap and funnel that makes for easy refills in rig mode, and you can’t beat the storage container in portable mode. It’s also one of the fastest out there in terms of heating and refilling, and can be charged via micro USB. The Swiss is by far one of our favorite products right now, and we think you’re sure to love it.

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