The Ultimate Dabbing Starter Pack for Beginners

The Ultimate Dabbing Starter Pack for Beginners

If you’ve come to learn the popular meme dance, you’ve come to the wrong place. For avid concentrate users, dabbing refers to the fine art of vaporizing weed concentrates using a bong-like pipe.

There’s not much to dabbing if you have the right tools and you’re ready for the psychedelic experience that comes from taking a lung-expanding hit from your dab rig. Dabbing concentrates can provide a significant increase of cannabinoids into your body compared to whole flower.

So, how can beginners take advantage of the latest dabbing tech and concentrates?

What do you need to dab

Here’s a comprehensive guide on what you need to get your dabbing starter pack ready.

Dab rig

Dab rigs are the foundation for your dabbing experience. Choose from larger-than-life rigs with percolators, splash guards and large nails, or smaller and more portable rigs for an on-the-go dab. Dab rigs are just one part of the equation.


A nail, or banger, is the critical component in getting those mouthwatering vapors time after time. You need a correctly sized and gendered banger that fits snugly into your dab rig’s joint.

Carb cap

A nail without a carb cap might as well be broken. Carb caps ensure you can take low-temperature dabs without wasting any oil. Carb caps range from simple flat-tops to directional flow caps that sweep the nail with air to get every last drop of your extract.


Dabbers help you transport your gooey and resinous concentrate from point A to point B. You don’t want any accidents to happen in between. Choose from a variety of dabber tips meant for certain consistencies ranging from runny to hard and viscous.

Dabbing starter kit for beginners

Shopping around can become tiresome and time-consuming, but if you want a one-stop-shop for all your dabbing starting kit needs, explore Yo Dabba Dabba’s premium line of dab rigs, eNails and dab accessories.

Look no further than Yo Dabba Dabba’s Dabbing Starter Pack, which at $89.99 is quite the steal.

This dabbing bundle includes a:

  • Full-colored Lil’ Chugger (amber, blue, dark green and light green based on availability)
  • Quartz 25mm flat-top beveled banger – 14mm male
  • Glass bubble trap cap
  • Stainless steel dabber

If you can’t find your way around a glass rig to save your life, Yo Dabba has got you covered.

Visit YDD’s Resource Center and enroll in Dab University

Before you complete your purchase, you can visit Yo Dabba Dabba’s dab resource center to learn everything from how to use a dab rig, to the types of rigs available, and the types of concentrates you can use. Now, you’re ready to make a more informed purchase.

For those who don’t bow down from a challenge and want to learn more about dabbing, enroll in YDD’s Dab University to learn from industry pros about the basics of dabbing and how to improve your technique.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner starter kit for yourself or a loved one or want to upgrade your beginner kit with an eNail, YDD has a wide range of portable, sleek and durable pieces so you can dab at your convenience.

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