DaVinci IQC Review

DaVinci IQC Review

We’ve all heard of Da Vinci before, but have you heard about DaVinci vaporizers? These portable devices are some of the best vaporizers the current market has to offer. And if you haven’t heard of them before then you should check out this review to learn more about the most advanced vaporizer they have to offer — the DaVinci IQ2. But that device is not why were are gathered here today. We’re here to discuss the IQ2’s predecessor, the Davinci IQC.

The “C” in IQC could mean a lot of different things, but in the case of this portable vaporizer, we believe that it stands for “clean”. That is because the DaVinci IQC offers one of the cleanest and smoothest vaping experiences out there. The IQC gets back to the basics of vaping and is a solid device if you are searching for your first premium portable vaporizer.

Precise control over your sessions

One of the most important factors when choosing a portable herb vaporizer is how much control you have over customizing your session. Depending on the material you’re loading into your vaporizer, there is a different ideal temperature for the material to be heated to in order to vaporize it efficiently and retain its flavor and potency. Without precise temperature control, you can end up with a session that is less than satisfying and provides harsh hits. That’s why DaVinci placed so much time and effort into developing the IQC’s temperature controls.

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Precision Mode

There are a few different features included in the DaVinci IQC that make controlling its temperature simple and yet incredibly advanced. This portable vaporizer offers two different modes that allow you to easily create a smooth vaping session. Your first option is to choose Precision Mode, which lets you adjust the temperature of the IQC down to a single degree. All you have to do is click the control button to view the device’s current temperature, and then use the plus and minus buttons to adjust the temperature. You have the ability to set this portable vaporizer at the exact temperature perfect for any flower or concentrate you might be vaping. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling the vapor production and flavor of your session.

Smart Path Mode

However, if you’d rather leave it up to the experts to determine the best temperature for the vape session you are hoping to have, then the Smart Path Mode on the DaVinci IQC was created just for you. Smart Path Mode is a guided experience, meant to lead you right to the session you are looking for. There are four different custom paths offered on the IQC, known as Rest, Body, Mind, and Flavor. Each path offers a different temperature range setting that is ideal for vaping different types of material. These temperature ranges include:

  1. Rest = 410 – 430ºF
  2. Body = 390 – 410ºF
  3. Mind = 370 – 390ºF
  4. Flavor = 350 – 370ºF

The IQC will slowly build the temperature from the starting temperature on the path to the ending temperature, over the course of eight minutes. These Smart Paths were designed to hit the perfect temperature of the course of an average vape session, to vaporize the flower effectively and efficiently without losing flavor. All you have to do is navigate to the path you want using the IQC’s plus and minus buttons. The alumina ceramic, glass-lined conduction oven will then handle the rest for you.

Cleaner vapor and cleaner sessions 

After herb is heated in the DaVinci IQC’s oven, the vapor produced travels down a sealed zirconia and glass vapor path. There are absolutely no plastics or metals used on the airpath, which means the IQC offers some of the cleanest vapor possible. The vapor produced in the IQC only comes in contact with the airpath before the inhale, avoiding the potential addition of harmful materials.

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Another great upgrade on the DaVinci IQC is the patented Sharesafe™ mouthpiece that is designed to “inhibit the growth of bacteria and viruses.” This upgraded mouthpiece is made with an FDA-approved antimicrobial polymer that can create a more sanitary vaping device. This mouthpiece will keep your device cleaner, no matter how large of a session you are hosting.

Dual use and dual charging

The most convenient features on the IQC portable vaporizer though are the ones that can be used in multiple ways. This not only includes the way you can charge the IQC, but also the types of material you can vape with it. The DaVinci IQC is designed to make vaping flower easy on the go, but it can also be adapted to handle concentrates with ease. DaVinci offers dosing pods that allow you to vaporize concentrates with ease.

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The batteries that power this vape are removable and rechargeable, which means that if you carry multiple of them, you’ll never have to pause your vape session to charge again. By carrying two 18650, 300 mAh batteries then you can simply swap out the dead battery with a fresh one and never skip a beat. The device can be charged with a Type C charging port in as little as two hours. You can even use the IQC to reverse charge a phone too.

Easy to use

Above all, the DaVinci IQC is incredibly easy to use, no matter how experienced you are with vaping. All you have to do is load the oven, close the lid, and set the temperature mode using the navigation buttons. The device will then vibrate when it is ready to go and all you have to do then is inhale. It works best with long, light draws and provides a smooth, flavorful session.

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The only feature lacking between DaVinci’s IQ2 and the IQC is an adjustable airflow. However, even without this feature, the IQC is still a powerful, versatile device, and a bit less expensive than the IQ2. If you’re in the market for a reliable, versatile, and powerful portable vaporizer then the DaVinci IQC might be a perfect fit for you. Check one out next time you are in your local head shop!

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