Featured Glass Artist: Pizza Boy

Featured Glass Artist: Pizza Boy

Jacksonville’s Ash “The Pizza Boy ” developed an interest in glass after spending so much time around the artistic medium while working at a headshop and developing stickers and apparel out of his art. After just two short years, he developed a unique flamework art style from his background in graffiti artwork.

“I’ve always worked as a pizza boy for as long as I’ve been employed. My design company and artistic aesthetic was always reflective of that environment and culture.  So when I got my torch I did the only thing I knew how to do… and started cranking out pipes!” he said.

Ash is a pipe maker by trade, developing unique and vibrant pendants, carb caps, dabbers, pipes, bubblers, and pipes with a deep-rooted appreciation for street art and culture. His highly realistic pizza pendants and carb caps are the pinnacle of his style and attitude. Having spent the majority of his life frequenting skate parks and tagging trains and buildings, everything clicked into place when he began working with glass as an artistic medium.

“Before flameworking I would skate and paint every minute of every day, but I struggled to find my style organically through these mediums. Once I got onto a torch everything clicked for my art and lifestyle,” he said. “Everything I had been building toward began to come to fruition in the flame, and every morning I come at it with everything I have.”

Ash lives and works in Jacksonville, Florida. He recently acquired a studio in Middleburg, which is now open for classes, demonstrations, and bench rentals, but you can also find him at CHAMPS trade shows across the country.

“The Florida cannabis scene is beginning to thrive and take off with the help of locally produced events like Dab-Day. The culture here in Florida is still young and beginning to find its place, but the communities are showing more and more receptiveness to cannabis and the art culture it feeds.”

You can check out all of Ash’s work on his Instagram and check out his process on TikTok. If you’re interested in carrying his art in your head shop or just looking to procure a new piece for your collection, get in touch with Ash directly by sending him a message.

IG: @904pizzaboy

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