Featured Headshop: Glass Monkey Smoke Shop

Featured Headshop: Glass Monkey Smoke Shop

Glass Monkey ScottsdaleThe Glass Monkey Smoke Shop is defined by its stand-out attitude, and that is hard to deny because they have what every primate desires – appeal.

This glass shop based out of Scottsdale, Arizona is renowned locally for its superior customer service, selection of glass and community-driven business. The recognition of this can be easily found on any of The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop’s social media platforms or review websites.

Often, the most difficult part of entering a new headshop is the feeling of nervousness you get just prior to choosing which water pipe to add to your collection. This is where The Glass Monkey is equipped to help you out. Their very supportive staff are ready to help you browse their selection of both production glass and heady glass.

Interested in reading some of the first-hand accounts of how good the in-store experience is? You can read the Yelp reviews for The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop here.

The customer may always be right, but customers also want to feel like they have style, and The Glass Monkey has plenty to share. The up-to-date selection of this store caters for the modern smoker. It seems like a small detail but when you need a very specific nail to match your fresh new dab rig, one stop at The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop will be all you need to find whatever smoking tools you’re looking for.

Their style drips all the way down to their logo. It’s hard to not look fly in their merch when they have such a dope logo. One look at their Instagram page can attest to this. The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop regularly features its different community members and customers rocking their merch.

More importantly, The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop displays the care it has for its community through their social media and regularly gives back to its loyal customers. They use their Facebook page to host giveaways and contests for its followers. A while back, they were raffling off some beautiful pieces of heady glass! We highly recommend giving them a follow before you miss something good.

All in all, one look at any of The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop’s digital platforms will give you an excellent idea of their commitment to community, quality products and glass selection. Whether you live in the state, or if you are just passing through Arizona, any smoker who cares about their glass should stop here. The in-store experience of this shop combined with its stylish selection is a rare find.

View more information about The Glass Monkey Smoke Shop here.

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