Smoke Shop Spotlight: The After Dispensary

Smoke Shop Spotlight: The After Dispensary

After 31 years as a professional carpenter, Andy Gross took a leap of faith. With so much time spent doing such a physically taxing job, his body was completely spent and had to retire in 2016 to undergo several surgeries on his hips, shoulders and biceps. At this time, he chose to not be a victim of Big Pharma’s pain pills, and made the switch to medical marijuana.

Fast forward to July 2020, and he’s opened The After Dispensary, a smoke shop centered completely around educating people about cannabis and its many benefits. While he was met with some adversity at launch, which was also impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, Andy persevered. “I had invested everything and I signed my first ever lease one month before COVID hit. It took everything to survive but I did it out of love and passion for the industry.

While earning licenses is never an easy feat, Andy decided to take an alternate route, opening a full-service smoke shop selling everything you’d expect to see in a smoke shop alongside natural CBD, CBG, Delta-8 THC, THC-o, edibles, and hemp flower. The After Dispensary offers a very calm and comfortable vibe. The inside of the building is warm and inviting, and designed to educate customers on how to use medical marijuana and alternatives safely in a comfortable, unique setting.

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“We have a back room dedicated to teaching people how to use medical marijuana and accessories on a first hand basis. They bring their own medicine and can use any device they want to learn on. We teach anything and everything about the cannabis plant including making rosin and edibles. We are also a full head shop and CBD and THC alternative dispensary.”

Inside you can find everything you’d find in a standard headshop, including bowls, grinders, glass, pipes, bubblers, vaporizers, and more. However, you can also find a ton of legal hemp products sourced from the finest hemp farms in the country. “We also stock loose CBD, CBG, THCo and all Delta flower so our customers can see and smell the quality before they buy. You can also find quality products at affordable prices, plenty of education, our full attention and our full care. You will be welcomed and made to feel comfortable and able to speak freely in our shop. The vibe we set is felt as soon as you walk into our store.”

Interestingly, you can also find a 20 ton rosin press in the back room. Customers who shop with local dispensaries can bring their flower into the store and have it pressed into rosin on-site. “The back room is dedicated to teaching people how to use, dose and get the best experience out of their medical marijuana.”

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The After Dispensary has an in-house rosin press, ‘Pressilla”, that customers are welcome to use.

At the end of the day, The After Dispensary is truly a one-stop-shop for learning about medical marijuana, exploring alternative products, and purchasing accessories all in one place. The company was founded on the idea that these are true medicines with real therapeutic value that helps thousands of people every day. In the same vein, The After Dispensary is constantly getting involved in the community and working to break the stigma and encourage more people to explore all of the benefits of the plant.

“We work with local dispensaries to educate everyone about the plant, but we also help the disabled, teach, and engage in public outreach whenever we can. When I say there is NO other shop like mine in America, that is NOT an understatement.”

Customer appreciation also goes a long way at The After Dispensary. Here you can always find the most in-demand CBD, Delta 8/10, THCo and glass and enjoy their personal line of gummies, pre-rolls, and flower. The After Dispensary also offers a fantastic rewards program that can earn you great discounts and free products just for picking up your medicine.

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“I have a passion for helping and teaching others about medical marijuana and all of its components including CBD, CBG, THCo and the Deltas. I decided that CBD and CBG products were the answer as they work great for myself and millions of others.”

If you’re ready to browse this massive selection of products, get your flower pressed into rosin, learn about medical marijuana, or explore THC alternatives, you can visit Andy at The After Dispensary at 2342 Nylsor Ave. Abington, PA. 19001.

“At the end of the day, we hope to expand and have an After Dispensary next to every marijuana dispensary. We’re dreaming of the day that the stigma is lifted and this becomes the medicine it was always intended to be.”

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