‘The Don’ Portable E-Rig Review

‘The Don’ Portable E-Rig Review

Based in New Jersey, The Kind Pen is one of the most trusted vaporizer companies in the industry. Every year, they show up the competition with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled innovation that delights both flower and concentrate connoisseurs alike — all for a modest price. After checking out a few of their other vaporizers, we were excited to get our hands on The Don. It’s the latest and greatest in the Kind Pen fleet, and it’s no wonder it became so popular. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about The Don portable e-rig in our latest review.

What is The Don Portable E-Rig? 

The Don is one of the first of its kind. There are a lot of portable e-rigs out there these days, but The Don is one of the first to offer such precise control over temperature. That said, you can adjust the device degree by degree to find your perfect temperature, giving you more control over your settings and the overall experience of your dabs. With its 3000mAh battery, it offers some of the longest lasting battery life out there and rips at high and low temperatures. It works just like any other portable e-rig, but we think it stands just a little bit taller than its competition for a handful of reasons.

The Don Portable ERig Review

The Don Portable eRig Review

The kit itself comes with The Don device, a quartz cup, a carb cap and tether, a silicon mouthpiece, cotton swabs, alcohol wipes, a packing tool, and a cup removal tool. You’ll also find a USB-C charging cable, the owner’s manual, and its lifetime warranty information. Everything you need comes disassembled for easy storage and cleaning. But below, we’re diving into the meat and potatoes on the pros and cons of The Don.

What we love about Kind Pen’s ‘The Don’ 

There’s a lot to like about The Don, but we’ll start with its robust, sturdy design. The Don has a really nice weight to it thanks to its larger-than-average battery, but it still fits comfortably in one hand or concealed on the go. You can use the device one handed, with your thumb on the temperature controls and your index finger on the heating button.

We love that it has a pretty LED light display and haptic feedback so you know when it’s time to drop your concentrates in, but the premier feature is its digital temperature display that allows you to dial in your perfect temperature with degree-by-degree increments. Another perk is that it comes with a quartz cup. Many e-rigs like these come with a ceramic cup, which promotes different flavors. Quartz on the other hand is flavorless, so all you taste is your concentrate and not the device itself.

Because of its size, it has fantastic battery life that has given us 12 huge hits in sesh mode on half a charge. It also utilizes a coil-less atomizer that heats the device evenly and efficiently, saving battery life and providing big hits and excellent flavors. Between the Don, the Puffco Peak, and Focus V’s Carta, we think the Don tastes and functions the best. It looks a little different than the others for sure, but it’s more dialed in, doesn’t taste funky, and lasts the longest by far.

The Don E Rig review

The Don Portable E-Rig Review

We also love the kit itself. The device is sleek and sexy, but everything fits beautifully and comfortably in the box. It comes disassembled so you know how to put it together and take it apart for easy cleaning. But the kit also comes with accessories and tools that make using the device easier. The tethered carb cap is a really nice feature, as is all of the free cleaning supplies they send. It also comes with a packing tool for both concentrates and oils and a special tool for removing and cleaning the quartz cup.

Most importantly though, you can’t beat the lifetime manufacturer warranty. The Don is by far one of the best e-rigs we’ve tried in the last few years, and we think you’ll love it.

A few minor complaints 

With so many positives, it was a little hard to find any negatives. But the only real complaint is that The Don can’t be hit while it’s charging and some others can. The Don must be fully powered off while charging, and hitting it while it’s on the charger will damage the battery and void your warranty.

Other than that, we’re not huge on the carb cap tether. It’s useful for keeping the carb cap in one place, don’t get us wrong. But since it dangles and flops around it can be difficult to hit the device with one hand like you can with the Puffco Peak Pro’s carb cap design. But really, that’s a personal preference and shouldn’t sway you in one way or the other. There are all sorts of different caps and designs to choose from that will work with The Don if you decide it isn’t your thing.

Lastly, like all e-rigs, The Don can be a bit of a hassle to clean. It requires the special cup tool found in the kit to comfortably remove the quartz cup for cleaning. But like other e-rigs, everything disassembles so all you really have to do is take it apart and dunk the parts in isopropyl alcohol to get the sticky residue off. All things said, the complaints are extremely minor compared to just how awesome and unique The Don is.

At the end of the day, The Don is one of our favorite e-rigs right now and makes a fantastic addition to any collection, especially among those looking for a truly portable dabbing option. The device will run you $230 retail directly from The Kind Pen’s website, which is extremely modest considering how it compares to other e-rigs in its class. We love it, and we look forward to hearing what you think about it.

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