Elements is all about leaving no ash behind. In an effort to do this, they’ve constructed a rolling paper that minimizes ash and caramelizes the natural sugar gum. But their innovation doesn’t stop there. The team at Elements has also created a magnetized package for their rolling papers. This keeps your papers secure in a package that snaps close every time.

Elements Rolling Papers: Some people can roll up anything. For everyone else, Elements has a long list of paper sizes to fit your needs. Just because your buddy can pack an entire plant worth of smoke into a 1¼ inch sized paper doesn’t mean you have to struggle to do so. Elements offers 1½ inch, single wide, king size, and 12-inch versions of their ash-less papers.

Pipes: Not ever smoking session calls for a roll up. Sometimes you want to smoke quick and get back to your day. That’s where the Elements Pipe comes in. They’re fashioned after the Billiard Tobacco pipes of yesteryear, so not only will you get a great burn, but you’ll look classy doing it.

Rolling Accessories: Elements knows that every smoker has to start somewhere. It is for this reason that they offer a variety of smoking accessories needed to get your rolling thumbs up to snuff. Everything from Scoop Cards that prevent the waste of precious herb to Change Mats aimed at making cleanup a breeze can be found at their online shop.

Elements is located in Phoenix, Arizona. Their team is dedicated to providing the best smoke sessions with very little ash to show for it. So, not only do you get a clean burn, but you also get a no hassle clean up when the smoke clears.

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