You can picture it now, a group of smokers all sharing a joint, panicking as their fingers begin to be burnt by the ever reducing joint. That’s when someone blurts out “Bro, you ever try those papers with the wire in them?”

Randy’s Wired Papers is a company that started in much the same environment. It was a hot summer day in 1970’s San Francisco when a group of friends were face-to-face with this incredible inconvenience. As the joint got smaller, the crew tried using a clip to prevent their fingers from burning, but it was to no avail. That’s when they realized a more efficient clip also would assist in ensuring that all the goodies inside that joint are being put to the most use.

However, it’s not just the product created by this impressive tale that they offer, Randy’s has a range of products to accommodate the needs of smokers just as thoroughly. Some of their products include:

Rolling Papers  – Using Randy’s Wired Papers may seem like a novelty which fit a time and place, but when you consider the practical applications of including the wire – it’s practically ingenious.  As your paper, and the goods within it, slowly burn – the included wire begins to be exposed, creating an effective handle for your joint as it reduces in size.

Vaporizers – I know, it’s a little counter-intuitive to the company name. That said, the line of vaporizers provided by Randy’s is surprisingly innovative. You can find dry-herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers and even multi-purpose vapes. A product that most notably stands out is Randy’s Chill, a vaporizer that includes a freezer friendly tube which provides the smoothest smoking experience possible.

Cleaners – In honor of their trend for creating efficient products, Randy’s also offers a great variety of cleaners that can be used for glass and other smoking accessories.

As a smoker, there are those one-in-a-million products that everybody has heard of, but not everyone has tried. Randy’s Wired Papers is one of those mythical products in the world of cannabis.

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