The STR8 Brand offers some of the most balanced products on the market for smokers of all experience levels – efficient, sleek and hygienic – their wide-range of offerings stand out from its competitors. You could say they live up to their branding by providing the STR8 Essentials for its customers. Operating out of Michigan and shipping internationally, STR8 Brand offers its spread of Specialty Silicone, Dab Tools & Accessories, Glass Accessories and products which fill the needs of practically every smoker.

Following are just a few samples of some of the product categories offered on their website:

Vapes – STR8 Brand offers oil vaporizers in a wide range of sizes & colors which all are beautifully vibrant. Their spread of voltages, sizes etc. make it a great choice for beginners and those with specific tastes in vapes. A notable highlight is their flagship vape, the STR8 Micro; compact but with alternating voltages and great designs which stands only two inches tall by one inch wide.

Kits –  To accent any aficionado’s collection, it’s important to consider organization on-the-go. It’s one thing to have a pretty looking shelf full of goodies at home, it’s another to have your smoking needs efficiently packed in a travel-ready, crush resistant, air-tight & lockable case for your collectibles.

STR8 Essentials and Accessories  – STR8 Brand really applies the essence of functionality in each of its ideas and accessories. Using high-grade Specialty Silicone they are able to craft accessories that fill the needs of smokers that were formerly neglected. A highlight of this selection is the Q-Tip Station. An incredibly underrated asset that is often a hassle for the messy-but-regular smoker.

If you are considering looking into a STR8 Brand product it is important to check out your warranty and return policy. Their commitment to quality runs all the way down to customer service. Get your collection together with some of the STR8 Essentials today.

Visit the brand website here