Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit Review

Crossing CORE Portable E-Rig Kit Review

If you’re looking to take a powerful dab without the complication of a traditional dab rig, then you need to take a closer look at The Core by Crossing. The Core is an e-rig that easily vaporizes cannabis concentrates with the touch of a button. It’s a beautiful cross between a dab rig and desktop vaporizer, with the benefit of being ultra-portable. It makes taking a dab easier than pie, and the inhale tastes just as good as pie, too. If you love to dab then read on to learn if The Core is a good fit for you.

More bang for your hit 

Hit for hit, the Core outperforms a traditional dab rig in a variety of ways. The main reason is that it provides you with the same smoking experience as a dab rig, but it is quick, easy, portable and automated. The Core comes with a triple titanium black ceramic rod coil pre-installed and is compatible with Sai Plus or Sequoia coils, both of which will pack a punch behind every hit. These coils work to heat to four different temperature settings, designed to meet the melting points of a variety of concentrates.

The Core will heat to the preset temperature in ten seconds and has an automatic shut-off feature after 50 seconds that preserves your extracts. It also has haptic feedback and LED lighting to let you know when the rig is ready to go. All you have to do is click the power button five times and then sit back and wait less than a minute for your dab to be ready to hit.

Core ERig Review

You can change the temperature setting just as easily by pressing the power button three times. The LED lights will indicate which mode the device is in, with green meaning high, white for medium-high, blue for medium, and red for low. Kick the device into the auto-heating mode with two pushes of the button, or press and hold for the manual heating setting. To put your Core into hibernation mode after a good long session, give the power button five pushes and clean out the bowl with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol for good measure.

More bang for your buck  

The Core is an e-rig that offers you a lot of bang for your buck because of the incredibly affordable price point. At a starting price of around $200, it is a steal in comparison to its competing e-rig, the Peak Pro by Puffco, which starts at around $400. The Core is also incredibly lightweight and easy to hold in one hand. Besides its compact design, this e-rig has a slew of valuable features, including haptic feedback, multiple coil options, and automated or manual heating modes that make it work even harder for your dollar.

Core portable dab rig review

The Core’s design also holds a lifetime of value, with a sturdy borosilicate glass bubbler incorporated into the body, paired with a directional carb cap for precise airflow control. The carb cap is a nice touch that allows you to get the very most out of every dab, and the automated shutoff feature makes sure you won’t lose any material in between hits. The bubbler also works to diffuse and filter your vapor even further before you inhale, making for some incredibly smooth hits. The Core is also an inch more compact than The Peak Pro, making it even more convenient to use. It stands at just over six inches and has a protective silicone base cover and carrying case to make it extra durable and ultra-portable. The Core will allow you to dab almost anywhere and is as easy to use as a portable dab pen.

More bang out of the box

The Core’s starter kit is complete with everything you will need to get dabbing right away. It even goes as far as to include a custom carrying case, silicone dab container, a dab tool, and some cleaning accessories so that your Core can stay looking new for longer.

Core e rig review

What’s in the box:

  • Crossing Core E-Rig
  • Glass Water Bubbler
  • Glass Directional Carb Cap with Tether
  • Triple Titanium Black Ceramic Rod Coil, pre-installed
  • Titanium Bucket Coil
  • Quartz Bucket Coil
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Two Spare O-Rings
  • Dab Tool
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Alcohol Pads
  • Silicone Storage Container
  • Travel Case
  • Instruction Manual

One of the best features of the Core by Crossing is the fact that it comes with three different atomizers right out of the box. It is loaded with a titanium black ceramic rod coil, and comes with two additional bucket coils. One is made of titanium and one is made of quartz, but both offer a deep chamber for loading up. The buckets also help prevent your dabs from being in direct contact with the heating element and therefore provide a boost of flavor and better preservation of your concentrates. Each coil design works best with different types of concentrates, ranging from shatter to live resin to sugar sauce and more. They are super easy to load on the go too. However, it’s important to note that the triple titanium bucket should only be used with the red and blue temperature settings. That leaves the white and green temperature settings for use with the quartz bucket. The upside is that you can have one bucket loaded and another one waiting in line to be popped in and heated with just a few clicks of the button.

When you first take your Core e-rig out of the box, you should charge it fully before using it. A full charge can be achieved in just under two hours using a USB-C charging cable and power adapter. You’ll easily know when your device is fully charged because the LED light will change from flashing red to a steady green. You can also tell if the Core is running low on battery with the LED lighting, which flashes green for full power all the way down to red for very low power. The Core will then be good to go for at least 15 to 20 average sessions.

The Core by Crossing is a great option when you are looking for a portable e-rig. Whether you are new to dabbing or an old pro, this device will meet your dabbing needs. It is easy to use and very affordable, with a lot of great features right out of the box.

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