The Dart Co Ultimate Kit: Product Review

The Dart Co Ultimate Kit: Product Review

If you are new to smoking cannabis flower then you probably don’t have your own smoking kit built out quite yet. You may borrow your friend’s piece instead of purchasing one of your own since it can be a pricey investment. If this is the case for you, then you should check out The DART Company and all they have to offer. They make an affordable one-hitter pipe that is elegant and incredibly practical. But, what makes it even more appealing is that The DART Company also sells the Ultimate Kit, which has absolutely everything you need to start smoking flower the same day you pick it up.

DART Co Ultimate Kit

Although there are plenty of vape starter kits available online, smoking starter kits are harder to find. And kits as complete as the one that DART offers are even rarer. They thought of absolutely everything you need to smoke flower. And when we say everything, we mean everything you need and all the extra luxuries you might desire. The DART Co Ultimate Kit includes the innovative DART One Hitter pipe, premium carrying pouch, high-quality grinder, Clipper lighter, Hemp Wick canister, flower canister, and even a cleaning kit. That’s more than you get in a standard vape starter kit. And the three different options for the flower canisters is an especially nice touch. It’s all bundled together for a starting price of $89, saving you a few dollars and a ton on shipping if you were to buy all the pieces separately. But this Ultimate Kit doesn’t include your average pieces. Read on to learn more about what makes the DART Ultimate Kit something that 100 percent of reviewers would recommend purchasing.

DART One Hitter Pipe 

DART Co One Hitter

To start, the DART One Hitter pipe features innovations that other one-hitters only dream of. It is a state-of-the-art pipe that is made of strong anodized metal. The most innovative feature is the spring-loaded ash ejection mechanism that keeps your pipe clean and your hits tasting fresh. This mechanism makes the DART One Hitter ideal for micro-dosing and can help conserve your stash. Although the one hitter included in the Ultimate kit is black, there are a few other color options, including silver, blue, red, green, purple and gold. The entire piece is heat and corrosion resistant, and super easy to clean with the kit. It is also discrete to use, at just over three inches tall and less than half an inch wide. The DART One Hitter has an elegant look about it, but is incredibly durable and easy to use.

Premium Smell-Proof Pouch

DART Co Carrying Case

If you like to smoke when you are out adventuring in nature, then the smell-proof pouch included in the Ultimate Kit is especially essential. It is sleek and durable, and allows you to carry everything you need to smoke in an odorless pouch. The pouch has a waterproof zipper and activated carbon stashed in the five layers of strong polyester fabric lining. It comes in black to match your DART One Hitter, and stands at just over four inches tall and under three inches wide. That’s just large enough to fit multiple one hitters, your canister, grinder, lighter, and more.

High-Quality Grinder

The premium grinder included in the DART Ultimate Kit can cost about half the price of the entire kit when purchased from other places. That’s because DART did not skimp when it comes to the quality of this basic herb tool. It is made of aluminum alloy with a black matte finish and sharp diamond-shaped teeth. It is a four-tiered grinder, with a chamber for grinding the herb, catching ground up herb, and collecting the kief. It even comes with a pollen scraper so that you can easily gather the kief to load it on top of ground-up flower in your DART One Hitter. The lid is easy to remove and replace too, with its solid magnetic connection. The DART grinder is just about two inches tall and one and a half wide, making it fit perfectly inside the carrying pouch.

Full Metal Clipper Lighter

DART Co Lighter

A one hitter pipe would be useless without a lighter to go along with it. And DART Co included one of the best lighters on the market – the Clipper. The Full Metal Clipper lighter is refillable and designed to last a lifetime, just like the DART One Hitter. If you want to stock up on an additional lighter as well, you can buy extras that come in gold, rose gold, or an icy multi-colored option.

Hemp Wick Canister

DART Co Hemp Wick

DART’s hemp wick canister is one of the most unique items included in the DART Ultimate kit. Hemp wick is a great alternative for applying flame to your flower, since it avoids the potential of the inhalation of butane. All you do is light the end of the hemp wick and use it to light your bowl. The hemp wick canister is especially brilliant because it conveniently stores your roll of hemp wick so that it will not unravel everywhere. You can pull out just enough hemp wick line to light your bowl, and safely save the rest rolled up inside the anodized aircraft aluminum canister. The canister holds ten feet of natural unbleached hemp line coated in all-natural beeswax. And if you run out then you can buy a replacement roll from DART down the line.

Cleaning Kit 

DART Co Pipe Cleaner

The cleaning kit included in the DART Ultimate kit will help to extend the life of your precious DART One Hitter. Although the one hitter was built to last, it will last even longer with an occasional cleaning. Your hits will also taste a lot fresher, even with the ash ejection mechanism included. To clean your DART using the kit, all you have to do is add isopropyl alcohol to the one hitter, and give it a scrub with one of the wire brushes and stainless steel poker tool. Each tool was designed to fit the DART One Hitter perfectly and adds a lot of value to the Ultimate Kit in the long run.

Herb Canister

The DART Ultimate Kit can be customized with one of three different herb canister options. Although each of them gets the job done when it comes to storing your flower, they are designed differently to meet your needs. They also come at three different price points, which will adjust the total cost of your DART Ultimate Kit.

1. Premium Canister

Premium Cannister

Your first option is the Premium canister, which is a best-seller for a number of reasons. To start, it is a high-quality, stainless steel, waterproof canister. The entire canister is incredibly sturdy and stands at just under two and a half inches tall and three-quarters of an inch wide. This is just large enough to hold all the flower you need for the day to use in your DART One Hitter. It features airtight silicone seals, and there are a few different color options to choose from, including gold and gunmetal black. This canister will keep your herb fresh and safe from giving off a stench, especially when paired with the smell-proof pouch.

2. Model III Canister

Model III Cannister

DART’s Model III canister takes flower storage to the next level of organization. It is a three-tiered canister with interlocking sections that allows you to sort and separate your strains. Each tier is 0.87 inches tall, and combines to make a canister that stands at just over three inches. That means that you can pack up to five grams of herb in a convenient canister. If you’re working with just one strain of flower, you can downsize the whole canister to just one section to save space in the carrying case. This canister is made of aluminum alloy with a silver or black matte finish, along with airtight rubber seals. It also has a convenient keyring attachment, allowing you to hook it together with some of your other favorite smoking accessories if desired.

3. Premium Model III Canister

Premium Model III Cannister

Your final option for canisters with the DART Ultimate Kit is the Premium Model III canister. This three-tiered stainless steel canister combines the best of both worlds when it comes to quality and function. It is completely waterproof thanks to the airtight rubber seals, and it holds a total of five and a half grams of flower. It is the ultimate option for a high-quality canister that provides the ability to store multiple different strains when on the move.

Overall, The DART Company Ultimate Kit offers consumers great value and a ton of convenience. The DART One Hitter Pipe is already an innovative device, but the fact that it comes paired with so many useful and innovative accessories is amazing. If you are new to smoking cannabis or looking to get a portable to-go kit for your collection, you should definitely consider the DART Ultimate Kit.


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