Dynavap M 2021 Vaporizer Review

Dynavap M 2021 Vaporizer Review

The simple one-hitter pipe is often easily dismissed in the world of portable vaporizers and intricate glass pieces. However, the one-hitter is a piece that certainly should not be taken for granted by anyone who loves to have a quick session on the go. This type of pipe might be simple in nature, but the design of this device is only becoming more advanced. Case in point is the design and evolution of the “M” one-hitter pipe made by DynaVap. Read on to learn more about this simple and ingenious device, and why it is worth having at your disposal.

What is a VapCap? 

A VapCap is DynaVap’s version of a one-hitter pipe. It does not require any batteries to operate, and can be used as a manual vape. Its stainless steel body makes the M nearly indestructible, and it’s easy to use once you understand how each intricately designed part of this one-hitter works. The VapCap can be loaded with the material of your choice, and then heated with the flame from a butane torch or lighter. The temperature-indicating cap then acts as a conduction and convection heating chamber, which heats the flower evenly. This one-hitter is designed to be used almost anywhere and requires no charging time to have a solid micro-session.

What makes the “M” different to other one-hitter pipes? 

The M might sound like a simple stainless steel one-hitter pipe, but there is much more innovation packed into this small smoking device than you might expect. The M is one of the most affordable devices created by DynaVap, at a cost of $75. Although this might seem like a steep price to pay for a one-hitter pipe, it is a pipe that will last a lifetime. The 2021 edition of the M is in its fifth generation of development, offering new specs, features, and even more innovation than before. The highlights of these updates include improved air intake, a revamped chiral airport, and updated geometrical indentations on the tip and body. However, these recent developments are not the only features that stand out on this one-hitter.

Efficient Heating

The stainless steel used to make this device is medical grade, meaning that you will never have to worry about potentially inhaling harmful toxins while using it. It also heats to a temperature range of 300 degrees to 450 degrees Fahrenheit as fast as a portable vaporizer, or possibly even faster. The time it takes to heat is between five and ten seconds, but the temperature will hold during a session and make your heat-up time even shorter. There is absolutely no battery involved in the heating process, and the only other tools required are a lighter or butane torch.

DynaVap M 2021 Product Review

The M is small in size and equally efficient when it comes to the way it functions. The entire device is just three and a half inches long and designed to never break no matter how hard you try. The bowl can pack a good amount of flower for a micro-session, and bowls can be reused later since the device does not remain hot between sessions.  It operates with manual heating and a cap that will “click” when it is hot and ready to hit. This simple feature removes the guesswork when it comes to heating a one-hitter or vaporizer. The efficient management of your herb will be greatly appreciated when you’re out on an adventure and want to have a quick and easy session.

Flavorful Vapor

Since the M is heated manually, it allows you better management of the flavor of your vapor. You can heat the bowl to the right temperature for the density and stickiness of your herb, which can lead to better-tasting sessions. You can also heat the VapCap at different locations on the device to provide either short quick inhales or thick and heavy clouds.

Adaptable Design

One of the best features of this one-hitter pipe is how adaptable every element of it is. You have complete control over your session and how you load your bowl. The M has “adjust-a-bowl” technology that allows you to adapt the size of the bowl or chamber in half. This is perfect for loading a micro-sized bowl and not leaving any green to waste. The chamber can be adjusted to hold from 0.05 grams to 0.1 grams of ground-up herb and is easy to reload on the go. This tip also acts as a grinder in a pinch, meaning you just have to load a bit of herb in and let the device do the rest.

DynaVap M 2021

The stem of this device is designed with a 10mm tapered mouthpiece which fits perfectly with water pieces, offering another way to use the M during sessions. The M comes in a foldable cardboard sleeve that is 100 percent recyclable or reusable as a pocket-sized carrying case for your M device. Overall, the device packs a lot of adaptable functionality into three and a half inches.

How do you use the “M”?

With all of the adaptable features, the M might seem complicated to use when first approached. However, it is a one-hitter pipe after all, and designed to be incredibly easy to use. It is suggested to start with doing a few “dry runs” of heating the device without flower loaded into it, to get the feel of how it works. The temperature-indicating cap will click when it’s heated to temperature, and that can be a bit tricky to feel or listen for if you’re not used to this device. You should be careful to not overheat the M more than three seconds past the cap click though since this can cause long-term damage. It should take around five seconds to heat the M with a butane torch, and possibly a few seconds longer when using a lighter.

DynaVap M 2021 One Hitter Review

To use the M in a session all you have to do is load the bowl up with flower at either 0.1 gram or 0.05 gram capacity, and then place the cap back on the device. Use your method of choice to heat the flower chamber in the middle, while rotating the device to allow for even heat application. You should avoid heating the tip of the device, like a traditional one-hitter, and instead, aim for the side of the last third of the cap. Once the cap of the M clicks then it is ready to smoke!

After your session, you should allow up to one minute for the M to cool down, which will be indicated by the cap clicking back into its starting place. The remaining ash can be blown out of the device to keep it clean, or you can use the tang on the cap to clean out the bowl. Once the device is cool and clean, it’s ready for another session in a matter of seconds.

Overall, the M provides an amazing smoking experience for a one-hitter device. It is portable, durable, and offers customizable features that can adapt to fit your smoking style. DynaVap packed a whole lot of innovation into this stainless steel device, that will make you question if you need to buy a portable herb vaporizer.

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