Puffco Peak Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Puffco Peak Concentrate Vaporizer Review

As any experienced dabber will know, there are a number of specialized pieces needed to take a good rip of the good stuff. That is, until they’re introduced to The Puffco Peak Vaporizer. Don’t let the market name mislead you though — The Peak is the first of a dawn of new dabbing devices.This electronic vaporizer is better explained as a “handheld dab rig”, or if an e-nail and your sexiest looking water pipe had a baby.

Who is Puffco?

Puffco is dedicated to the pursuit of creating cannabis concentrate consumption excellence — try to say that five times fast. But in all seriousness, the Puffco team promises that “If your experience isn’t perfection, contact us and we’ll be standing by to make sure that it is.” And that’s a policy we can get behind. They use innovative design in all Puffco vaporizing devices and have established a new standard for the art of dabbing. The Peak is no exception when it comes to these high standards. The handheld dab rig offers consumers the easiest, cleanest, most potent and flavorful rips we’ve experienced to date.

Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Review

What is the Peak?

Although The Peak may look intimidating to conquer at first, it has the shortest learning curve we have ever seen for a dab rig. The device is entirely electronic and designed with both experienced and beginner users in mind. The time it takes to set up your Peak and have your first session is a minute at most, or however long it takes for you to add water to the glass and press a button. It is that easy.

This dabbing device is made from high-quality materials, including hand-blown borosilicate glass. The removable ceramic bowl makes the device easy to load and clean with a cotton swab after each session. The Peak, ironically, stands at seven inches tall and is just under three inches wide at the sturdy silicone base, which makes it easy to hold in one hand.

Puffco Peak Review

The Peak offers four different heat settings and takes an average of 20 seconds to heat to operating temperature. It will intelligently adjust the temperature of your bowl if it is still hot from your last session to provide a consistent user experience. The device will last for about 30 dabs and takes two hours to fully recharge using the supercharger.

It is best practice to turn this device off after each session, but The Peak has your back if you forget. The LED light band will not only flash when your power supply is low but it will also tell you what temperature the device is set at. The haptic feedback feature is another nice touch and alerts you when the device is primed and ready to hit. All these features remove the guesswork from the art of dabbing and allows you to relax completely into every session.

Peak tips & tricks:

  • Take several short inhales to produce more vapor. Inhaling gently and steadily will produce the best hits.
  • Be careful to not overfill the bowl — just reload and dab again within seconds. Also, always allow the atomizer and bowl time to cool after use!
  • You can clean the carb cap and glass by soaking them in isopropyl alcohol before rinsing with water.

What is the Peak’s standout feature?

The most appealing part of this handheld dab rig is the fact that it is so easy to share. The Peak features a Sesh-mode, which allows you to increase the bowl temperature and extend your dabbing session to pass around the circle. It feels a lot more like you’re passing a pipe or joint, versus the traditional gathering around a rig on a table with an oil slick mat tablecloth. Although the ceremony of dabbing is one that’s cherished amongst experienced dabbers — with the careful blow-torching of the banger, strategic loading of the dab tool and coordinated efforts of capping, inhaling and avoiding burning your fingertips, the Peak doesn’t remove this cherished ceremony. It streamlines it. Users are encouraged to preload the removable ceramic bowl, place it back on the device, and then heat and hit in one smooth motion. It takes a double-tap of the button to reheat in Sesh-mode so that everyone gets a puff or two.

Overall, The Peak is perfect for discreet, stylish, smart dabbing. It is not as packable as a handheld vaporizer, but it is extremely portable, especially with the custom carrying case included. You can take this device practically anywhere for the ideal social dabbing experience.

Where can you buy the Puffco Peak?

You can purchase The Peak by Puffco at many of your local Heady Shops! This luxurious dabbing experience has a price tag of $379.99, but it is worth every penny spent if you are a regular dab head. The Peak comes with a Puffco one-year limited warranty, which covers any malfunctions with the electronic base. In our humble opinion, it is also the perfect gift for your favorite dabber.

Puffco Peak Concentrate Vaporizer Review

Why will you love the Peak?

The Peak is ideal for anyone who is looking for the convenience of a handheld device paired with the power that a traditional e-nail provides. This dabbing device is torch-free, entirely electronic, and the perfect pair for your favorite wax cannabis concentrates. The price can seem a bit steep for your average budget vaper, but it was well worth it for the ability to sit down, puff, puff, and pass a dab with ease.

Learn about how the Peak was created in the below video:

Puffco Peak Creation from Puffco on Vimeo.

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